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What happened with marketing?Where’s Marketing? Isn’t trendy anymore? Doesn’t offer value for money as did it before?

What happened? Has suddenly Marketing mutated to a new form called Social Media Marketing? or it’s now Digital Marketing, as other people like to call it…Marketing 2.0 maybe? I wonder, if Marketing has just being replaced…or perhaps, it’s waiting for the right moment to make its unexpected appearance.

Has Marketing stopped making its well-known noise? – yeah, some of you call it conversation, right? – Does it means that Marketing has felt sleep? Or on the contrary, is marketing preparing a new revolution?

I just don’t know what happened with Marketing. Am I different from a couple of years ago? – Heck, I started in Marketing and now…what the hell! – I don’t see it anywhere….

I only can hope – and wholeheartedly wish – that we never forget it! Because, at the end we’re just looking for common sense.

What say you?

What happened with Marketing?