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People and businesses stay human through the Internet. Thus, harnessing the power of this connection economy, they practice the following every day “staying human” habits – 17 habits for staying human:

1. Addressing people by their names.

2. Making jokes. Saying funny things. Don’t take matters too seriously.

3. Don’t take problems as something personal.

4. They feel more instead of thinking more.

5. Listening, really listening, for acting accordingly.

6. They practice active listening: verbal confirmation & verbal communication.

7. Demonstrating with results that they are paying attention to your words.

8. Making compliments that make sense. Sincere, descriptive and insightful ones.

9. Giving constructive feedback instead of criticizing.

10. They don’t complain about you; they try to change what they don’t like by turning the situation upside down.

11. Responding assertively to critics, complaints or troll attacks.

12. They ask interesting, propelling and descriptive questions all the time.

13. Being natural persons instead brands or companies. They let you know who is the person behind the digital channel.

14. They know how to tell compelling and sticky stories.

15. Asking you for advice, acknowledging they don’t know about certain things.

16. They do their best to surprise you every time they can.

17. Practicing generosity, don’t ask anything in return. They want to add some value to you.

As you can see, most of these habits are little techniques you can (and should) implement daily. But, as a result, you’ll stay more human, which will make a big difference in your community, business, clients and the world.