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I was born with the vision, I was born psychic – Alea Kay (Empress Lex)

In January, my sister from another mother, Natasja, told me that I needed to meet a woman and work with her. She told me, “don’t ask questions and go for it”, then as a good brother, I did exactly what she told me, blind trust. Someone hadn’t told me that for a long time, so I did it. She told me, contact her, this is her email, and this is her phone. Finally, after several attempts, I got it, and we booked a day in January to have an individual session with a woman named Alea Kay (or Lex Empress as they also call her).

singer and coach and speaker Lex Empress Alea Kay interviewI need a position of sovereignty in my life, this is humble, not pretentious

I can only say that that session perfectly fit the puzzle of my existence, that everything made more sense than ever before in my life, that I could discover “the next step” and “the master move”. So that in addition to discovering and connecting with my purpose. Lex is the person with the most wonderful gift I have ever encountered. It was two hours that began to align my life. Now looking in perspective, it was one of the best gifts I have ever received in the last 10 years.

After the session, I began to recommend Alea to many of the people in my immediate environment. We started getting more in touch, and it didn’t take long until I offered to be a guest on one of the upcoming Disrupt Everything podcast episodes. She agreed without hesitation, so here we are.

Alea Kay (Lex Empress) the music within your soul

I’ve been through so much drama that people would think I’m being exaggerated

This special podcast is one of the female presences and people who have indescribably transformed my existence. She is Alea Kay (Lex Empress). Here I interview her exploring white magic and the psychic; we also delve deep into discovering and living to our fullest potential by being the people we really are before all the limiting beliefs that have come after. It is a conversation about taking responsibility for our life, which explains how to connect with the divine to realize our truth and the mission we have come to do on earth, thus making it easier to identify and honour our true purpose.

The ‘wow’ is in every second

Disrupt Everything podcast – Alea Kay / Lex Empress

Pick the real truth and if something doesn’t really resonate, don’t do it


Lex Empressa - Alea Kay podcast interview


A new episode where I interview the internationally renowned vocalist, singer, coach and speaker, Alea Kay, also known as Lex Empress. An interview about the power of finding your own voice, following your truth, discovering your mission and purpose, and living your full potential. A truly shocking conversation about vulnerability, resilience, white magic, the divine, improvisation, change, self-control, self-reliance, taking responsibility and commitment, courage and emptiness.


You have to connect with everything you are

Index of contents

  • Milestones.
  • The gift.
  • Finding the mission.
  • Discovering the purpose.
  • Greater learnings.
  • “Soulsong”
  • How to identify and clear limiting beliefs.
  • Living your full potential.
  • The most important lessons of having trained thousands of people.
  • Stay present.
  • Quick focus questions.
  • Final message.

In the loss, lack of and emptiness, I found my mission

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