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Even if you think that you’re not addicted to social media, it would not be wrong for you to notice the subtle signs of being “hooked.” The idea is to start with this: start by checking social networks 10 minutes every four hours. Then set the alarm or choose a colleague to contact to make sure you are not using social media. Its a starting point for social media DETOX.

The Social media DETOX


social media DETOX plan


Other methods would be to choose one day a week to use them or establish rules that allow you to use them at certain times. Maybe only use them for professional purposes. Some people use the system “do not use social networks during meals and dinners.” Others use the “live without a phone during the weekend” system. There are systems like “social media only once a day a week,” two months ago I established the system “disconnect from the Internet one day every two weeks.”

These and other systems that help people remind them that they must be present. If we extend, polish and implement new alternative and complementary methods to these, we will not even realize that we have a smartphone and we’ll be disconnected from social media for hours and even days.

Try to turn at least off all notifications that are on your smartphone, laptop or PC. Including messages, calls and other mechanisms or tools. We are social beings – social and adaptable beings, that type of notifications, sounds or visuals (or both) capture our attention, distract us and take us away from where we were at that moment. If you’re able to begin to align all the political signs in your life, like priorities of others, friendship notifications, emergencies by social networks and others, then you’ll feel detoxified and free.

Many psychologists argue that social media should be used as an extra-time activity, not as an activity that takes place during our work hours. Unless you dedicate yourself exclusively to the action itself.

Carry out the social media DETOX

An excellent example of social media detox was put into practice at the first Guateque Opening Jarana this past Friday. Photos, videos, social networks, calls and Internet connection with smartphones were forbidden. The result: people more present, enjoying themselves to the max, living the moment, dancing to the moment. People at a party dancing, connecting and having fun. I didn’t see anyone feeling like they were missing something on Instagram or Facebook. Not even the day after, as there were no memories, just the ones in our heads, to retain.

Let me warn you: we are predisposed to FOMO. We find it hard to take a break and disconnect 100%. I began to discover this when I started with the 20 Days in Silence experiment, and then in the Superconnected one and now in the experiment Social Media OFF. Everything that I live becomes more real, more present and for much longer.

Express social media DETOX plan

Quick recipe for social media DETOX.

  1. Choose five days in the calendar.
  2. Mark them and write down Social Plan DETOX plan on them dates.
  3. When the days arrive, disconnect from all social networks during those five days.
  4. Write down each time you are tempted to enter a social network.
  5. Write down each time you end up entering the social network.
  6. If you can not avoid entering into social media, remove the applications from your smartphone.
  7. The time you invest in social media, dedicate it to your free time or one of your professional activities.
  8. Apply this plan every three or four months.

To DETOX or not DETOX? That’s the question.

Photo credit: Afrika Burn.