/ Experiment, High-Performance.

I finished one of my most recent experiments, 40 days of High-Performance Fasting, a few months ago. This has been the first where I have been advised, monitored and guided by an expert in the field. In this case, Lou Mateos is a specialist in food biohacking, plant-based food and High-Performance food. The experiment consisted of a custom-designed fast to maximize all the capacities, functions and variables we could optimize. The objective was to do it with a regulated fast through different protocols.


holistic high-performance fasting alters the brain

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The High-Performance Fasting experiment has been divided into 6 phases, with a different protocol and tests in each one:

  1. Deworming – phase 1.
  2. Regeneration – phase 2.
  3. Metabolic activation – phase 3.
  4. Mitochondrial regeneration – phase 4.
  5. Autophagy – phase 5.
  6. Adaptation and integration – phase 6 (end).

In this report, I explain in more detail each of the 40 days, which at first were going to be 30, in addition to collecting the blood tests, DNA tests and conclusions of both Lou and myself. You can also access the dashboard with qualitative and quantitative results and what has happened days and weeks after finishing.

Index of contents

I have followed the structure of the scientific method as much as possible. That way, I can make the closest possible approximation to an experiment even if the person doing it is the experimenter himself and is not trained as a researcher or scientist. Therefore, this High-Performance Fasting experiment is made up of 8 stages:

  1. Observation.
  2. Formulation and context.
  3. Measurement analysis and scorecard.
  4. Experimentation.
  5. Hypothesis.
  6. Falsifiability and limitations.
  7. Validated lessons.
  8. Conclusion.

1. Observation

As we have been indicating from the initial phase of the experiment, as well as during and after, there is a need to perform a fast that can maximize human performance in the cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical parts.

What has been observed: is that traditional fasting aligns a person, helping to improve vital parameters such as vital energy, mental clarity, and the functioning and purification of essential organs. Also other psychological effects include stress reduction, fatigue and even the craving for food. That is why we are trying to observe in this experiment what happens when said fast is carried out under the parameters of optimizing holistic performance, composed of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual dimensions—in addition to being designed, followed and analyzed by a professional trained in nutrition and food, Lou Mateos, who has created each of the customized phases by monitoring the results (qualitative and quantitative) that were extracted from the experiment as it progressed.

For the development of such a test, an action protocol consisting of 6 phases, previously mentioned, has been followed.

For what has been observed – the objective of this observation was to be able to draw conclusions about what happens in a human being when he goes through a fast designed to optimize the maximum number of functions and vital aspects that can lead said individual to a state of integral and absolute well-being. The difference concerning conventional fast lies in the phases of which it is composed—going from deworming and metabolic activation to mitochondrial regeneration and autophagy. It should be noted that both the observations and the experiment have been supervised, reviewed and validated by Lou Mateos and Manuel Castro (graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences), in this case ceasing to be empirical as other previous experiments have been.

The data has been recorded using a transversal control panel that includes the parameters considered decisive to measure the effectiveness of this High-Performance fast. To better monitor, online consultancies have been carried out through remote digital meetings, which have measured and corrected the inputs that have resulted as these 40 days progressed. In addition, an experiential analysis of each day has been generated with the sentiment and conclusive impressions. Finally, an audiovisual element was created a month later, reviewing the before, during and after.

The conclusion of the observation is the following: a high-performance fast, that is, a protocol designed to bring out the best in the immune system, repair and activate metabolism, regenerate mitochondria, and ensure that active and healthy cells feed on damaged ones. and sick (autophagy) transforms, positively speaking, in high graduation the life of a person. You are recovering your vital energy, joy, humour, encouragement, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection.

It is possible to reach this conclusion due to the rigorous monitoring (observation) of the behaviour of each of the parameters studied. There is also a correlation between live foods and an explosion of energy, well-being, mood, empathy and sympathy. Furthermore, it is observed that the pace has not decreased dramatically as expected, and as happened in the previous precedent to this type of experiment, the total fasting of 20 days.

The report presents different parts and key indicators to compare the observations.

I have observed in myself, through this experiment, the exponential improvement in each of the key indicators that we have taken into consideration: energy level, focus, concentration, mood, personal and professional performance, mental clarity, flow state, and intellectual capacity. , spiritual or emotional connection, even to strength and resistance, but above all, the feeling of inner cleanliness and integral lightness. It is a way of operating at the highest and purest possible capacity that a person can function within their parameters and standards (of excellence).

2. Formulation and context

The specialist Lou Mateos is the one who formulates this experiment within the previously described 6-phase protocol. The main elements of the fast become carrot juice, ground cloves, propolis, grapefruit extract, alkaline water, bone broth, green foods, vegetable fats, and antioxidants in the form of berries such as kombucha and coconut water on occasion. This experiment was initially formulated out of the intent to perform a severe 40-day fast from alkaline water only, something that was ultimately scrapped thanks to Lou’s appearance.


not eating for 40 days - experiment


The context under which it is carried out is demanding. That is to say, with a tremendous personal and professional demand, both physical and at a sporting level, as well as intellectually demanding due to the number of tasks and commitments that make up the subject’s day (in this case me). We mean on an emotional level, managing projects, teams and audiences, and on a spiritual level with an extensive and severe meditative, conscious and mindfulness practice.

I came to this experiment after finishing the Psilocybin Macrodosing experiment for 52 days before starting the experimental challenge, Known as the Holistic Ultraman. It should be noted that there is previous work on fasting that gives more solidity and coherence to an experiment of these characteristics and severity. And it has worked with fasting since 2016, having integrated it as a daily element of between 1-3 days each week, in this case, total fasting. As well as 20 days of absolute fasting.

3. Dashboard, monitoring and measurement

A control panel has been designed to extract coherent results. Said table fulfils the function of monitoring, measurement and analysis of the indicators necessary for evaluating the data collected daily.

It has been deemed suitable to measure and monitor

  • Date.
  • Weight.
  • Steps were taken every day.
  • Before fasting and the time at which it was ingested.
  • Food is taken in fasting and time.
  • Lunch within the fast and hour.
  • Food at noon and hour.
  • Food is eaten in the afternoon and hour.
  • Which was taken at night and hour.
  • Supplementation.
  • Accessories.
  • Complications that occurred.
  • Power level.
  • Concentration and focus: level of concentration and mental isolation.
  • Personal performance on the one hand and professional performance on the other.
  • Mental clarity: level of ability to see, execute, do, think, decide, feel and be without opposition.
  • “Flow state”: an index that shows how deep the connection with oneself and the environment was.
  • Mood.
  • Strength.
  • Resistance.
  • Intellectual capacity.
  • Spiritual connection.
  • Humour.
  • Exercise done.
  • Exercise intensity.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sensation after physical activity.
  • Relaxation or activation.
  • Joint pain.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Additional practice.
  • Get out of bed.
  • Hours of sleep.
  • Snap.
  • Get up to go to the bathroom.
  • Emotions.
  • Considerations.
  • Sensations: objective conclusions about what the individual (me) feels at the end of the day.
  • Remarks: Additional notes related to the psilocybin macrodose experiment.

>>> Access the Experiment Dashboard


4. Experimentation – Day-to-day experiential analysis

This section analyzes and dissects the experiences and impressions of each day – separately. Said analysis was carried out either at night at the end of the day or the following morning or noon. This is a very relevant nuance because, in this way, it is possible to isolate each of the days first to measure the progression or regression of the experiment and, secondly, to complete the X-ray when examined together.


high-performance fasting benefits

Photo credit: Dr Jockers.


Day 1 – 05/10/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Day in which I went to buy everything necessary to start the experiment.

Os, who is the one who designed the High performance fast, has customized this phase one according to my preferences, lifestyle and needs—making it even more accessible in terms of what foods to buy, how to cook them and when, as well as instructions and directions, all very simple.

It is worth mentioning that the purchase between the herbalist and the supermarket, or at least this phase one, amounts to €270, and at most, it will last between 5 and 10 days.

It was an atypical start because I went to some blood tests in the morning to measure the before and after of the experiment (along with a DNA test that I did a few days ago), so I started later than I should have been. Usual. The rest has passed usually, including a 3-hour sports day and a 7-hour work day.

Day 2 – 05/11/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

An intense day, 3.5 hours of sports and 7:22 hours of an online work day with the participants of the mastermind of ultra-productivity, high-performance level. Even so, I have had the strength to continue after the day, from 3:00 pm to 10:22 pm, working and finishing what I felt was my commitment and responsibility to myself. So I’ve been very plugged in all day, with zero deficiencies, and I also notice that I sleep more efficiently, and I think, we’ll see tomorrow, that I wake up more quickly and earlier and rested.

Day 3 – 05/11/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Confirmed, I wake up faster, less tired and in a better mood. It’s incredible what having live food inside your body and eliminating parasites does because that’s the primary key to this first stage of fasting in these 30 days. So I feel energetic, but it is a cleaner, less forced energy flowing more freely. And I also believe in agile.

Regarding the weight, there isn’t that much difference either. When I started, I weighed 66.7kg; today, I’m at 67.4kg when I weighed myself this morning. What’s more, I’ve gained weight instead of losing it, which is phenomenal because I’ll need it later.

I observe a more fantastic facility to “knock down” tasks that resist me, but it is still early to claim victory. The sensations are delicious. Everything is much more “organic”. I could say it that way. At night I decided not to take a relaxing bath or do the second Tai Chi class (which I had to do the day before) and to leave it for the next day, without any remorse and sleeping at the first change – in the control panel, you can see parameters such as sleep, tightness, mood, etc.

Day 4 – 05/12/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

On the third day, I woke up with great ease, with better energy than the day before, with sound, excellent feelings and an improved mood. But what strikes me the most is how easy it is to do the job, which, not even with the macrodosing of the psilocybin experiment and flow states, I could attack so quickly and decisively.

I am eating primarily organic juice and carrot smoothie. At lunchtime, I have a salad of live foods (arugula, chlorophyll, spinach, lamb’s lettuce, sauerkraut, kefir, pumpkin seeds, sesame and gomasio, parsley, garlic, chives, broccoli, cabbage). And I have zero hunger during the day; I am getting a more robust focus than the one I get in the previous days and other experiments. This is a discovery that has caught me by surprise.

Day 5 – 05/13/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

In the scale of values of the scorecard indicators, it can be seen as Monday, Tuesday and today, Wednesday. Almost all the parameters have risen to 7, 8 and 9, respectively. The truth is that this is how I feel. I feel that I am going to move into everything. The sensation is strange because it is like an ultra-energetic light.

I can stand more with less and have greater mental strength, which is already saying I feel very light; I don’t miss anything. I am amazed at the ability to adhere and be ultra-disciplined without doubting, resisting, without sinning. My spirit has undoubtedly trained and tamed my amygdala (which sometimes gets away). I continue with protocol 1 for the elimination of parasites. Lou has suggested adding some avocado to his noon live food salad, the only meal in this early phase of the fast. He also said that take advantage, that the last 15 days, there will be nothing to digest. He also insists on two tablespoons of coconut oil daily – very effective against parasites.

Day 6 – 05/14/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

I notice more shine on my skin, and it’s strange because I’ve been used to doing alkaline water fast every other day since 2016. I see alive energy, and according to Lou, it has to do with eating a lot of live foods, a lot of green leaves and what my body needs for high performance, a lot of enzymes. It is worth mentioning that I have stopped all intake of superfoods and supplements and only take probiotics, bis-glycinate magnesium, L-lysine and melatonin—propolis and grapefruit extract.

No anomaly, nothing to highlight, just that I have reacted surprisingly in the face of negative emotions and thoughts. Some have appeared today. They have barely lasted, the ones that usually arrive when I see time running out on me, which is not a more unstoppable feeling than usual. Zero complications. What is difficult for me is following the times and rhythm of all meals; I always go after hours, and I never have a routine, something I learned with macrobiotics and Dr Rubio. But, as we always say, change makes us better, so here we are.

Day 7 – 05/15/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Conversation with Lou for review and planning of phase two. My weight as of today was 65.7kg; I am stable. According to Lou, this is related to the fact that when the body has the food it needs, it begins to stabilize, taking advantage of food, energy, and fat without losing weight but volume. He says, “those who lose weight on a fast are because their body needs to”.

Following Monday, we start phase two, which I will explain later. Today I have returned to doing sports again after the three weekly rest days (which always include between 10-20 minutes of Tai Chi and another 10-20 of Qi Gong), with an hour of cycling, 10 minutes of HIIT, 10 minutes of yoga stretching, then stretching, the foam roll and the inversion machine. The energy flows typically these days. As I said in the previous days, it is a cleaner type of energy, and it is confirmed that I am getting up in less than 10 seconds. Specifically, the average is 4 seconds.

When talking to her today, Lou was arguing that when I’m done fasting, we’re going to eliminate 90% of the carbs I’m eating and switch to the super-high-quality 10%. More than enough quantity to be at the peak of my high holistic performance since the life-giving and optimal diet (and the one that is not) affects the body, the emotions, the intellect and the spirit.

Currently, carrot juice, some pomegranate and blueberry juice, macerated oil, a salad of live foods (specifically green) and a cream of green vegetables or miso soup for dinner. It turns out that with all this, I find myself much more empowered and “pushed” than before, starting the experiment with zero disruptions in any sense, zero anomalies at the moment, and with performance indicators ranging from 7 to 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Day 8 – 05/16/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

I have done more than 3 hours of sports at a better level and with more strength than when I do not run fast around 11:30 pm. I’m starting to feel a little tired. Even so, it’s not mental. It’s more physical because I’ve lucidly written and developed various business ideas at 10 pm. Today I noticed some stomach cramps around 8:00 pm, and I don’t know what they are due to. I will check with Lou Mateos.

I notice the difference between having breakfast/lunch cereals, toast, etc. and having organically grown smoothie juices for breakfast. The mood is much happier, even though I don’t think I’m in a bad mood, but I am much less susceptible, which helps everything to be more the same as before.

In the spiritual section, when I meditate, I notice more transparency in realizing my thoughts, and I am not as much in my mind as usual.

Day 9 – 05/17/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Review the day with Lou. It was time to close phase one and do an analysis. Lou has shown his satisfaction with the evolution of the experiment. For my part, I only needed a week to see the clean, light and vital energy (as Lou says) that flows inside me. I was taking it before without needing all the superfoods and supplements. Eating immensely less, or not at all, and enduring up to 3.5 hours of sports every day like today. I have even decided to turn my diet 180º when the experiment is over and opt for live feeding, as Lou calls it. She will take my eating plans, and I will let myself be guided 100%.

The day usually passed within what I had to eat: carrot juice, live green salad, infusion of grapefruit extract and pomegranate juice in the afternoon and e ending green vegetable soup. Tomorrow we will go on to a more intensive and prolonged fast from the beginning of the day as far as I can go, something that I see feasible due to the experience already accumulated.

This week has helped me see myself in an energetic state with mental clarity. Lou says that my appearance, my look, the face, the expressions, everything is much more “alive”.

Day 10 – 05/18/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

I am starting to drink more water and infusions. It is also the day that I have introduced the new, more severe fasting and regeneration protocol. I was not taking anything in the morning until 2:00 pm, that was the theory, but not knowing it 100%, I drank some macerated oil and finished the organic blended pomegranate juice. However, I endured until I had a kombucha, and the only intake was at 4:10 pm. The energy, resistance, performance, productivity, clarity and humour are high, especially after doing 4 hours of sports. I don’t feel exhausted or hungry. In the afternoon, I have accompanied with infusions and bone broth for the regeneration of which Lou speaks. It remains to add more fat at noon, as she advises.

Signs of energy, determination and high spirits.

Day 11 – 05/19/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today it took me a little longer to get up early, 9:52 am, because yesterday I went to train later than usual, around 1:40 am. I notice that when 11 pm arrives, I am more tired than usual. Physically, I notice the effects in the abdomen; I barely see any fat. On a sporting level, today is a rest day, including two 20-minute Tai Chi sessions and one 20-minute Qi Gong session, where I found myself very focused and feeling more “Chi” than usual—feeling that energy goes through my body. Something similar has happened in meditation, where I connect very quickly with that state of “nothing”/equanimity. Today, I even have spasms (the central nerve that releases tension) while meditating for 10 minutes at noon. I feel relaxed, calm and with hardly any mental noises.

I have only ingested alkaline water and Shilajit until 1:30 pm, then some fat (oil macerated with black garlic and coconut oil), then alkaline water and infusions until 4:10 pm. Also, I have prepared and eaten a salad with live greens, plenty of fat and salt, seeds, nuts, oils, and apple cider vinegar. Then, I spent the rest of the day with water, infusions and, around 10:30 pm, a bone broth.

Day 12 – 05/20/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

One day that was going excellently, like the rest, great energy, focus, mental clarity, pleasing sensations, freshness, light, everything until I practised Shaolin style Qi Gong (Luohan), which requires short and continuous physical bursts. Then I noticed my exhaustion, and my heart beat faster than usual. It’s been 20 minutes, and I felt exhausted during and after, leaving me surprisingly dry, a little dizzy, and later with a slight, very slight headache.

That’s when the body has said, “stop, we can do things, sports, work, but physical explosions of this kind, we can’t stand this. There is a limit here.” So then, and fortunately, I touched the only daily intake of live food and fats that I do in this second phase, and recharged as much as possible, although I knew that even so, the rest of the day would not end, and it has been.

I have experienced this when my body hits a significant drop like this. You do not recover it until you sleep and rest entirely. Even so, the day has been one of outstanding personal and professional performance, yes, without the incredible sensations of the last 11 days.

A very positive day where you realize your limitations and where by pushing, you don’t throw in the towel and continue with the day despite the not-so-good feelings. The rest followed the plan by heart, then infusions, water, and bone broth at night. Now I will go more gentle with everything that has to do with physical exercise, and as the experiment progresses, we will apply more severity.

Day 13 – 05/21/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

A day back to normal, I mean the shock of the drop in energy due to physical effort. Today I have changed Qi Gong for Tai Chi, two sessions, in the morning and noon. Everything is normal. It is more, better than average. I do not find negative points anywhere, at least for now. Tomorrow I start the sport again, I have three days off, and now they start four sports days in a row. We will see the sensations. According to Lou, we are doing a lot of fat loading for the next fifteen days at the end of this phase 2, where I will enter a complete fast with only alkaline water, herbal teas and bone broths. In the meantime, I continue with the broths and the live food salad.

Something curious happened today: several friends, actually two friends, in two meetings in a row, have expressed that they saw me looking radiant and different from other occasions, and boy, is it my 13th day of fasting. Interesting.

I have had great news today, which has given me an intellectual push and made me continue working until 00:30, as if there was no tomorrow. I don’t see the end, the limit or whatever, and if I see it, I realize it, so I know where it is.

Day 14 – 05/22/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today I have lived the most demanding day I remember in 2020 and part of 2019, four online workshops, a consultancy and a project meeting. Besides, I woke up early, having slept 6 hours, one h of indoor cycling, 8min of HIIT, 10min of yoga, 15min Tai Chi sessions and taking 70% of my usual work. All this while I am still fasting, it is in these moments that I marvel at how human capacities can be stretched. I finished the day at 11 pm and still did stretching and relaxed.

Day with tremendous energy, although it is true that from 9 pm, I saw how it began to decrease little by little. I hardly had time for anything and had all the time to lose my temper on several occasions, but he remains immutable and in great humour.

Day 15 – 05/23/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Another intense day, less than yesterday, where I ended up eating live food at 9:00 pm, I noticed a heaviness in my stomach. It didn’t feel like when I did it at noon—arriving at the end of the day is better than I would imagine considering that we have been fasting for 15 days despite how demanding these days are. I observe how my body manages and optimizes energy to perform at its best from morning until around 9:00 pm when it begins to wane.

Focus, tranquillity and stability in every way.

Day 16 – 05/24/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Complete rest of 8:35 am with 86% sleep quality and only waking up at 7 am to go to the bathroom. I wouldn’t have said it despite yesterday’s lunch being so late. Today I have been quiet for 2 hours straight, and I notice that thanks to high-performance fasting, I have been able to go deeper. I haven’t had to go to the bathroom once, no discomfort, very fresh, clear-headed and immersed in the work of being immobile for two hours. In the end, everything went smoother, but with a lot of fatigue because that added to the sport (1h indoor cycling, 10 min HIIT and 12 min of yoga and stretching), made me quite tired at 10 pm.

It should be noted that it is the first time I have left half of the daily intake; I felt complete. So now I am stopping when I start with the information to identify all the foods and to thank everyone who has made it possible for each of them to be on my plate. The rest is nothing to add that is not listed in the control panel.

Day 17 – 05/25/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

I started with a lot of energy, doing an hour of cycling, and then stopped to do the weekly monitoring of the experiment with Lou Mateos. In it, we talked about how he had the energy deep inside me, and he had it high. In the counselling, we were closing this regeneration phase and opening the metabolic activation phase, which I start tomorrow or the day after, where we will stop taking solid intake to go to all liquids. I have proposed to Lou to go after 40 days, and he thought it was a good idea, always depending on how I am feeling.

When I finished, I resumed HIIT (10 min) and yoga (10 min), and I just felt a bit of a drop in energy, slight but significant enough, as well as some fatigue, not much, but something; then I’ve recovered. However, at 9:00 pm. I see again that I am ceasing to be very active, my focus drops a lot, and my attention and I begin to notice how my energy drops and I feel somewhat tired. It’s hard for me to be as hooked as usual to what I do. Despite having no appetite at all and again leaving, not half as yesterday, but a little over a quarter.

Today I have noticed that I have had a little less focus than usual; I have been more absorbed by some decisions that I had to make, tiles that have to be moved and conversations that have to be maintained.

I have ordered the best bone broths that Lou has recommended (Australian Bone Broth) and prepared for the tongue cleaning and dry cleaning that I will start within the next phase. Now three days of sports rest have begun, and when I return to sports, I will stop cycling for an hour and change it to a long walk to save energy to try to reach 40 days.

Day 18 – 05/26/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Day in which, despite not taking anything solid, I have decided to finish what is in the fridge, green foods and fats, so as not to have to throw them away and spoil them. It was a day of rest and significant productivity, and personal performance. Zero energy drop, good humour, clean energy and being much more prudent in interactions, reactions and moments where I could have lost attention and, in others, the roles.

The bone broth at the end, for dinner, feels great. I note that the last few days it has been a difficult challenge. Usually, it has taken me a little longer than usual.

Day 19 – 05/27/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

First, I got up surprisingly early, like I woke up and was very active at 6 am. We considered that I went to sleep at 12:15 am and didn’t fall asleep until approximately 12:45 pm. Even so, I spent the whole day at 100%, and the sleep quality was only 62%. At the time of ingestion, at the end and when meditating in front of the sun for 10 minutes, I relaxed to the point of nodding off.

Today I finished the food and the fridge with the last intake, which has been four days in a row, and I have not been able to finish. And that is the only day I complete; I have left about a quarter of the total. Then I felt nausea, but for a brief period, then everything returned to normal.

At the energy level, I am still stable. At the concentration level, all the indicators I continue to monitor are higher than expected. Rarely, in any of the parameters, I am lower than 6/7. There is pain in the neck, but it is not from fasting. It is from the new office chair that I have to adapt to. I feel fresh, active, and with energy. The other part is the weight. Today, I weighed 65.3kg, more than any other day, and I have only lost 2/3kg since it started 19 days ago. I will consult with Lou on this phenomenon, at least for me.

I notice much more awareness and spiritual activity, which goes with the physical. As a result, I connect better with my surroundings and with myself.

Day 20 – 05/28/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

First day off, I liquids, water, herbal tea, two bone broths, two green juices, and some fats (macerated olive oil and coconut oil); I functioned great throughout the day at all levels. The weight catches my attention; I weigh more than yesterday, 65.3kg. It’s good news because this phase will be more demanding.

Lou has advised me to be attentive to the energies, regulate them, and stabilize them with green juices and protein shakes if necessary. Today, I have not needed them.

I have given to the workshop and been at 150%. I do not notice a difference other than the lowest energy from 9–10 pm.

Day 21 – 05/29/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today when she woke up, she weighed almost 2 kilos less. It seems that she had gone to liquids. I have introduced body dry cleaning. Tomorrow I will start with the contrasts and tongue cleaning. Today I have returned to sports, leaving the bike aside for the intensity and doing 6 minutes of HIIT and 20 minutes of stretching and flexibility yoga, Tai Chi in the morning and Qi Gong at night. I needed a protein shake for lunch, then for lunch, I created a green juice and served it with the bone broth. In the middle of the afternoon, another liquid, and at night another broth; I feel that these remaining 20 days will be more demanding and exciting than the first part.

Lou has recommended a series of smoothies and shakes, as we want to reach 40 days in top shape. On the other hand, when I woke up this morning, my eyes were red; that’s not a habit. I’ll find out from Lou what it is.

I notice more when the energy goes down because it is not at a peak as high as the previous days. So I’m at 7/10, which is a good sign for 21 days.

Day 22 – 05/30/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today there has been little difference in weight from the day before, from 63.5kg to 63.2kg. I have received the blood tests and complete analysis that I did one day before the experiment, and I have sent them to Lou and my high-performance trainer, Manuel Castro, so they can review them and give feedback. On the other hand, I have spoken with Lou Mateos to adjust the approach of this phase three, the metabolic activation stage, because the idea is not to lose much more weight. So I will have more fat, protein shakes and smoothies with more fat and green energy. I will also stick with the bone broths.

I have done my first tongue cleaning today. Tomorrow, I will rinse with coconut oil after that cleanse, as Lou has explained, to trap all the toxins and bacteria and then expel them. Then, on the third day of dry cleaning and tomorrow, the contrast baths begin in the morning, which is also all of this within the high-performance fast.

As the day passed, I usually did an excellent sports session, 7 min HIIT, 20 min Qi Gong Luohan style of 20 min, and then 25 min deep stretching yoga. I have sunbathed, meditated, worked, and taken the protein shake with the synthesis supplement to avoid losing so much. When I do sports, I feel it is easier to be tired; even so, I resist.

With fasting, I feel more aligned; what happened after the psilocybin macrodose experiment has helped me make a better integration.

Day 23 – 05/31/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Day in which I needed more liquid, precisely three green juices, the protein shake and the two bone broths. I have not felt a drop in energy, dizziness or any abnormality. I have given a workshop of almost 3 hours and walked nearly 5,000 steps, in addition to doing 8 minutes of HIIT and 30 minutes of yoga flow.

Mental clarity is overwhelming. At 10 pm, I felt some appetite for the first time in these 23 days; an infusion calmed it down before going to sleep. Then, at 11:30 pm, I noticed a drop in energy, later than on other days.

Day 24 – 06/01/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today I noticed how the body was saying “stop” when I started doing HIIT and doing squats,s and jumps; I saw a feeling. Ilaxity in the legs and simultaneously as p, punctures and cramps. Then suddenly, without giving it another thought, I stopped forcing the machinery and did some low-impact exercises until the 9 minutes were up. The rest, yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, I have resisted usually.

I have observed mental clarity and focus superior to the rest days. Later, when I went to see Carlos, a Shiatsu master, as soon as he saw me – he is a person who feels compassionate and energetic – he told me that my energy was different from that of the last eight years that I have been going to his sessions. He has repeated it several times. He commented that he had never seen me so aligned and loose, with the energy flowing so well through all my organs. The truth is that I feel good, but I don’t know how much. Carlos, through exercises, has been showing me. Places like the back had never been so manageable and manipulable.

On the other hand, I realize that as the days go by, I connect more easily with everything, I have more attention, focus, and decision, I feel great energy, alive, with humour, and happy, with zero contraindications, not least that I see or know.

Carlos’s feedback is that he rarely sees me this well. Something to consider.

Day 25 – 06/02/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Waking up after almost 6 hours of sleep, but very alive, energetic and calm. I am taking the opportunity to do an extraordinary media meditation session on the beach, with the bathroom included. I was taking probiotics, shilajit, supplements, and plugs of seawater. Then, before mouth cleaning, rinse with coconut oil and dry clean; this is how the day begins. Today I am very absorbed by work but very productive, with a lot of personal performance, and above all, in a state of resonance and openness with people, which connects with that of the previous experiment, the macrodose of psilocybin.

I have introduced, as Lou advised, kombucha, some sparkling water, red fruit, cranberry juices, and coconut water. At least this has given more consistency and more “colour” and variety to the matte; it makes it a little more bearable. In addition, the taste of red fruits and coconut water aroused many sensations and energized me in another way.

I feel soreness in my quadriceps and hamstrings, perhaps from yesterday’s effort.

Day 26 – 06/03/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today I have had a lot of kombuchas, a red fruit juice, and a green one, in addition to the bone broth, water and the first tea of the entire experiment, from Kukicha. I start the days with a great morning like never before, including the beach and getting up early no matter what time I go to bed (I slept 6:38, and I get up alone and with the flow). Including meditation on the beach, Tai Chi, stretching, journaling, swimming in the sea and relaxation/micro-nap.

They are excellently productive days at a personal and professional performance level. However, I needed a nap after lunch because I felt tired. I needed to regain strength, and when I woke up a little disoriented, I went to meditate in the sun for 10 minutes, and I felt very lost; when I finished,d I got into position and returned to a normal rhythm as if nothing had happened.

Day 27- 06/04/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

End of phase 3, metabolic activation, as Lou describes, the objective of this phase was to burn clean energy without rusting, using power where it should come from and in an optimal way. So I’m sticking with the bone broths, with some green smoothie and protein the last few days. And every day, more focused, with more mental clarity and better academic performance, calm emotions; and it is not too bad to take 27 days only liquids, and spiritually I am aligned. Today I drank a lot more fluid than usual. Mostly I was craving sparkling water and kombucha.

Today is one of the days that I have done the most in less time and more “micro” than ever, with hardly any effort, or at least that’s how I felt.

Lou and I have had a follow-up consultation, with everything seen in phase 3 and what is presented now with the new phase, mitochondrial regeneration, which we start tomorrow. TodSo today’s disconnection day is earlier than ever; we’ll see if the trend is repeated.

Lou has told me that my rhythm adapts to the circadian cycle due to the drops in energy. Although I am getting up as usual because I get up with ease, focus and great power, so much so that I overcome all the tasks I could procrastinate in the first two/three hours of work.

Day 28 – 06/05/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

I start phase 4, mitochondrial regeneration. As Lou explained, the objective of this new stage was to get rid of all useless and damaged cells. It is to cleanse at the cellular level. We will achieve this with a slightly more severe fast. I drank only one liquid a day, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, either a green juice or a protein shake.

Today the first day, I felt the same as the rest; I would even dare to say better; I woke up with a lightness, energy and clarity that I had not felt until now. At night I talked with my mother, and she gave me a good observation that she sees me in a perfect mood, much more visible than before. She also said that I appear smiling on more occasions; she is not the first to tell me; numerous followers on social networks, teammates and friends have also expressed this observation.

Day 29 – 06/06/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

These days are where you check what an optimal diet that includes an optimal fast is capable of. Energy levels, focus, activity, mood, all up, mental clarity, personal performance, productivity, etc. The energy still prevails, even though at some point, if you would need some more power, it is still high.

I feel like I make the most of the day, not because I save time to eat or cook. It stretches out more because you’re more attentive and connected. Today in the work day with the UPers, we have contrasted and concluded that if you want to be at your optimum energy, the key is how you eat. I am surprised to see how far the body can go and in what state.

Now I am going to finish the green living foods (in juices) from the fridge to prepare for the total fast of the last phase.

Day 30 – 06/07/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Aligned and following the trend of the previous days, maximum performance in general. Nothing different to add until I have reached the 3 hours of meditation that I have done at 5:00 pm. I have felt great emotional, physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion there. So I needed to use Kombucha tea, coconut water, coconut oil, sparkling water and bone broth before going to sleep. Even so, I feel tired, but I am satisfied with an exemplary performance for this Sunday. Especially in living and developing, without neglecting the professional side.

Day 31 – 06/08/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Today I woke up with a headache. I know it is due to the great exhaustion I had yesterday in the 3-hour meditation, a holistic training that required a lot from me at all levels. It had been a day of listening to the signals, and at 4:30 pm, I prepared some steamed broccoli with a miso soup with wakame seaweed. I have cooked it, adding olive oil, Himalayan salt, cider vinegar from apple and sesame. I took it, and immediately the headache disappeared.

It reminds me at the same time that in the 20-day total fasting experiment, I had one of the worst feelings of my life and the worst awakening I ever remember having. This time it wasn’t that bad, but just like when I ate a tiny piece of rye bread toasted with oil, the discomfort disappeared right after eating. Again, it was a signal from the body, which I could identify quickly this time. I’ve also had plenty of coconut water today, my midday green juice, a protein shake, and morning bone broth. At night I have had more water and infusion, and I have not taken bone broth because I did not feel like it.

Today I decided to sleep at 8:10 am because I needed it and change my big morning for more rest; it has been a success. I have performed at a level of 7 out of 10 overall.

Day 32 – 06/09/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

The day that had passed usually, at least that’s what I thought, when in the afternoon, thanks to Carmen (physio) and Salva (partner), I realized in the energetic state, such high mental clarity, performance, decision and cognitive agility in which I find myself. When doing an analysis encouraged by Salva’s feedback, I realized that I don’t doubt anything, there is nothing that is diffuse, and I haven’t procrastinated for days with anything. I completed everything in front of me, and until today, I have done 50 minutes of yoga, in addition to Tai Chi, Qi Gong, all the work, taking personal time, leading teams, and without eating, only with liquids, those destined for this phase.

Day 33 – 06/10/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

I woke up at 6:30 am, slept at 6:11 am, and it was 11 pm when I wrote today’s report, and I still had an energy that I didn’t have the previous days. Instead of losing power, I am recovering it, which seems to me a great discovery. Even though the days go by, I lose weight and continue with the fast. Maybe it’s because it’s a rest day, but even so, I’ve done 26 min of Tai Chi, 20 min of Qi Gong and all the personal and professional activities that can be seen on the scorecard.

At total capacity, that would be the fairest summary.

Day 34 – 06/11/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

last day of phase 4, mitochondrial regeneration. I arrive at this day 35 with energy, strength, mental capacity and vitality above expectations. All the indicators, except for the flow states, are at the top. They do not reach ten but are between 8 and 9. All despite the great mental activity, every demand that I have, managing projects, businesses, working in strategy and tactics. With the protein intake, the shake, this time also with red fruits, assisted by water, infusion, kombucha and coconut water.

Today in the online session with Lou, she highlighted that I look better every time. I can’t say anything about it because I don’t see myself from the outside, but from the inside, I am connected, aligned and with great vital energy. At an intellectual level, I am surprised by the incredible display I carry out daily, and I am getting more and more.

Day 35 – 06/12/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

The first day of the final phase is autophagy. The most challenging and severe part of the experiment is where I will only ingest water, infusions, lemon, kombucha, or some exception. The day developed with the same normality as the previous days, except that when 3 pm arrived, I felt tired, exhausted and had a drop in energy. This has been due to the critical change in all the points I consume vs the ones I need. However, I also think because I have slept about 5:52h with a sleep quality of 67%, and I have woken up early, beach, sun, work, action, meetings, etc.

I observe that the lack of energy is even more significant when you need to recover (for example, with a nap) and don’t stretch out. For instance, I had to hold out for a meeting, and when it was over, I went to the beach for a 45-minute nap and a 25-minute meditation, all in the sun, and it managed to recharge me enough to end the day with a great feeling. So you must learn to regulate yourself and refresh yourself when you lose that energy.

Before going to sleep, when I was painting, I experienced the most challenging moment of the experiment—appearing a severe headache almost out of nowhere, making me unable to focus. I saw it clearly, and even though it looked like a migraine, it was clear to me that it came from the diet. So I took salt, olive oil and a bone broth, but not before going – very determined – to the pharmacy to buy Enantyum in case it was the migraine; I did it quickly, without hesitating, despite being somewhat stunned. I came back, drank the broth while I took a boiling relaxing bath, and when I finished, I was ultimately KO; I didn’t have that headache.

Besides, it was one of the days that I slept the least. In addition to the change in the protocol (to autophagy), I had not hydrated as much as I should have, and I had a lot of wear and tear, a lot of mental activity and some physical activity. Typically, one of these days will come. We expected it, yes, it came at night, by surprise, but immediate action was vital.

Day 36 – 06/13/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

The day was taken with more caution, enjoyed and lived, but with less physical, intellectual and spiritual intensity. I’ve had lots of minerals, sodium and potassium, water with lemon, grapefruit, Himalayan salt, two bone broths, some kombucha, and little else. I have performed well at work, but not much more because I have completed all my projects this fast. Yet, despite having a lot ahead of me, I am very comfortable. That is undoubtedly one of the experiment’s most relevant aspects: the tremendous intellectual capacity and enhancement of cognitive abilities to work, decide, act and react with clarity, creativity, resolution, good humour and perspective.

I spoke with Lou to share the event last night, and as he commented the day before, it was something normal, but it is not every day that it happens every day. She advised that I keep monitoring, and so far today no signal, with good energy and sensations and with acceptable levels in all the parameters measured on the control panel.

Day 37 – 06/14/20 – High Performance Fasting:

Day of better adaptation to this final phase. A day of assimilation and fluidity. I was dealing well with the day and getting the most out of it. I have not noticed a decrease in energy; what I do notice is that my stomach is more upset than usual. Having some diarrhoea and feeling a lot in the gut, like gastritis, but not as pronounced; I don’t know what that is due to. I’ll ask Lou.

Today Lou has recommended that I also take PQQ to strengthen the mitochondria. I have drank a lot of water and done great despite having a work session of 5 hours in a row, having slept at 6:26h. I have reached everything, and I have left the day closed. The sensations of mental agility and cognitive ability continue to amaze me. The flow state was much more pronounced, and when I wanted to share something, I saw it calmly, paused, and with great clarity.

Day 38 – 06/15/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

A day that has passed well without any complications, quite the opposite, with strength, energy, vitality, humour, productivity, presence and with essence. I have continued with the plan and decided that even though tomorrow is the 39th when the 40th arrives, I will also count it as part of the fast. I will not stop at 39 but stop when day 40 ends. This stimulates me because it is in these small details where one’s limits are expanded.

I feel better than ever, although I notice that my energy doesn’t last all day, it starts to drop at 10 pm, but I’m counting on it.

Day 39 – 06/16/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Again another great day despite the last phase and more challenging days. I arrive with an evident mentality and a state of mind so positive, determined and energetic that it infects not only me or my team but also clients, possible collaborators and the people who come to me, even through social networks. Also, today, I had the last experiment session with Lou. We will do one again 15 days later as a follow-up. Today Lou has shared with me what the master pillars of the next fortnight will be when the experiment is over. And also these last days to adapt the body. Mainly with hearty foods and juices, continue with bone broth, lots of fats, supplements and little else. Then we will include other foods, tiny by little.

The day has been stratospheric on a mental, cognitive, conscious, relational and productive level. I go from more to more, which is supposed to be the opposite. Tomorrow is the last day, which I plan to rush and squeeze.

Day 40 – 06/17/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

The 40-day high-performance fasting experiment ends in style, with energy, focus, mental clarity, and humour that I did not know in myself. To this, we must add an unstoppable state of mind, a considerable spiritual exaltation, mental agility and a cognitive capacity vastly superior to before starting the experiment.

Lou’s help and contribution have been crucial, rather vital. His knowledge, experience, tricks, and way of carrying out all the phases and creating them to optimize and maximize the fast have made living a privilege. This, in addition to having dewormed, cleaned, recycled, regenerated and strengthened my body, my organism, and vital functions.

Today he had alkaline water, lemon and grapefruit squeezed, bone broth, some organic blended carrot juice, a protein shake with synthesis supplement, some coconut water and kombucha and some broccoli to close—The day. Again the connection between work and life has been very balanced.

Satisfied with today and in awe of the whole experiment. I would last 100 more days, although I weighed 59kg today.

Day 41 – 06/18/20 – High-Performance Fasting:

Adaptation day, but still a fasting day. In addition to the usual these days, I have had carrot juice, a vegan protein shake, coconut oil, mashed avocado, almonds, pumpkin seeds, the obligatory bone broth, some sparkling water, and little else besides the soda water: Grapefruit and lemon.

I have felt great; what’s more, I have trained again, practising one h of cycling, 10 min of HIIT, 12 min of power yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and stretching. In addition, I have been available to others, contributing as much as possible. As a result, at 10, p has low energy, much more than usual.

What happened the next two days?

I have followed with a healthy meal daily, like a green salad with fats in the first phase. After that, I continue with the broths. My weight has remained between 60 kg and 60.8 kg; I continue with the same sensations, the same well-being, the same energy, the same cognitive activity, and the same connection. I keep getting up with great power and arriving tired by approximately 10:and 45 pm. Calm and in a good mood, I do no; Iet other food, another type of food, or eat more.

5. Analysis and conclusions of the medical tests before, during and after the High-Performance Fasting experiment

I asked Dr Juan Carlos Alonso to intervene with his knowledge in the interpretation of the clinical analyses before, during and after the experiment; these are his conclusions:

Fasting as a customary practice has been present in all known traditions and religions since we got on two legs and began to glimpse the horizon of humanity.

It has always been done to clean or purify the body periodically, both physically and mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However, lately, much talk has been about fasting and its benefits. Especially since it has been shown that it starts a mechanism known as autophagy, which is responsible for cell regeneration and repair and the elimination of all toxins accumulated in each of our cells; for this reason, a caloric restriction of around 30% is one of the few tools that extend our life expectancy.

When Isra asked me to participate in interpreting the results of the analyses carried out before, during and after a fasting experiment of this magnitude, I did not hesitate to sign up immediately. He was scientifically and personally curious about the impact of such a challenge on his body as designed. It was not only to observe how the reasonable limits of an organism are crossed but also to analyze the effects of the support plan designed by a team of professionals to achieve the necessary supplementation and contribution of nutrients, as well as the inner work with meditation sessions and techniques mind-body to help you get over it.

After this brief introduction that I considered necessary, I will review the results by categories of the tests performed. To facilitate understanding, I have classified the data obtained according to the type of parameters analyzed.

Hemogram: Includes the study of circulating blood cells such as red blood cells (erythrocytes), leukocytes (white blood cells) and platelets.

Red blood cells: The analysis of these cells shows the value of Hemoglobin (Hb) as an indicator of the existence of anaemia. A decrease in Hb and the number of red blood cells is confirmed throughout the challenge, with an initial value of 14.5 and a final value of 12.8. All this is about a decrease in circulating iron levels and iron stores in the liver due to a high consumption due to the stress of fasting, and that, despite supplementation, has not been enough to prevent the decrease in iron. the Hb. However, this anaemia has never fallen to dangerous levels for health.

Leukocytes (white blood cells) are the soldiers of the immune system in charge of organizing the defence and attacking against any internal or foreign element that threatens our integrity. Within these elements, we have different families with different functions. The most important are two. On the one hand are the neutrophils in charge of the immediate defence against any aggression. They position themselves in the front line and do not let anyone pass. And on the other hand, the lymphocytes organize the attack and coordinate the different forces to give a global response. So neutrophils are the foot soldiers, and lymphocytes are the generals who give the orders.

In this section, we must highlight a curious and compelling fact at the same time. The relationship between neutrophils and lymphocytes was reversed at the beginning of the fast. In other words, there were many more generals than little soldiers possibly related to an infectious or inflammatory problem that was not resolved satisfactorily. But at the end of the fast, this relationship turns around and normalizes with a significant elevation of the little soldiers and a normalization of lymphocytes to average figures. Fasting has an immunomodulatory effect that improves the system’s response, adapting it to the subject’s situation and normalizing the relationship of forces to achieve the best answer to stress that fasting of these characteristics entails.

Biochemistry: Includes the study of all the measurable chemical parameters in the blood of the different functions of the organism (kidneys, liver, digestive, heart, etc.), the metabolism of glucose and lipids and the hormonal balance in general.

Renal, hepatic, digestive and cardiac function: At all times, the parameters related to these functions remained normal at the beginning, during and at the end of the fast. Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, etc.) and essential minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, etc.) remain regular throughout the experiment. Albumin (the largest and most abundant protein in our body) suffers a slight decrease within the limits of normality about the restriction of nutrients typical of any fast. Even so, there is no risk of loss of muscle mass (muscles are the body’s protein reserve) due to the slight decrease because it does not even enter ketosis (harmful urine ketone bodies at the end of the test), which would indicate the use of our proteins as a source of nutrients.

Metabolism: Regarding glucose and its metabolism, a decrease in basal glucose levels and insulin secretion was observed, directly related to high consumption of energy reserves and better use of insulin.

Regarding the lipid profile, there was also a decrease in total cholesterol and triglycerides with a concomitant reduction in the LDL fractions of cholesterol but a significant increase in HDL-Cholesterol. This increase is directly involved with better protection of the cardiovascular tree because it stabilizes arteriosclerosis plaques and thus prevents strokes and heart attacks. This is one of the most striking effects of caloric restriction THAT REDUCES CARDIOVASCULAR RISK.

Hormonal and Vitamin Profile: The thyroid is always maintained at good values. The Cortisol hormone responsible for chronic stress did not show any significant alteration throughout the study despite the maintained situation of caloric restriction. And vitamin D (recognized as a hormone already at the systemic level) is of high value due to the use of necessary supplementation. The rest of the vitamins are of inadequate importance.

By way of conclusion, we could affirm that carrying out a challenge consisting of a 40-day fast with supervision by a team of professionals, adequate supplementation and a holistic approach to include all spheres of the human being manages to improve parameters as critical to our survival as the immune system and the metabolic profile (glucose and lipids) fundamentally. And it does not subject the body to unnecessary risk at any time. It maintains a good energy level for the day’s activities for as long as it is claimed.

These results align with the latest studies published on different types of fasting. It has been shown that our genes respond better to a deficiency than to excess, and better results are obtained for our quality of life and survival in controlled situations of nutrient shortage. Because that’s where we come from, and our genetic package was generated in the Paleolithic, where we ate once a day or two at most and had to adapt to adverse situations.

Congratulations, Isra, on your engagement.


Fifteen days after finishing the experiment, I gained four kids and felt better than ever. I wake up with a lot of energy and handle the day easily, even though I have been managing several projects simultaneously and with tremendous pressure in days of launches.

I find myself clean, light, very alive, with great humour and a perfect character, it’s not that I had it wrong, but now I get the feeling that it’s perfect. I’m not fond of meat, fish, wheat, gluten, or carbohydrates. I think agile in mind, spirit, emotions and body. In addition to being connected and aligned.

A few days ago, I was in Ibiza, where I ate a little more for three days. Not so out of place, except one day when I ate something sweet, carbohydrate and protein (out of the ordinary, but organic). That caused me to have a considerable energy drop, and then I put everything back in place because it wasn’t worth it. So what I see is a great decision and determination to be in this state of connection with food and myself; it is very worth it. You feel too well, so much so that you don’t want to sacrifice anything to eat something that isn’t for pure banal pleasure, craving or boredom, which doesn’t make sense.

Another thing to note is that I have finally won the pulse of social food, eating without control and being overwhelmed when I am away from home (due to the “now I can skip everything” effect). Now I have complete control of those moments, something I haven’t been able to do in years. On the other hand, I ate very high-quality meat, T-bone steak, which I wanted, on day number 10, and the digestion made me sweat. What a difference, what a heaviness.

6. High-Performance Fasting Experiment Hypothesis

The experiment is carried out to determine how a High performance fast like the one proposed can affect a human being. The central proposition (hypothesis) is to test whether the body undergoes more excellent regeneration, activation and healing due to a longer fast (40 days). The other part boosts the immune system, speeds up metabolism, regenerates mitochondria, and strengthens the cellular, organic, skin and tissue systems.


how to fast in a healthy way


Other indicators that, through the hypothesis, we sought to improve were all hands we measured in blood, urine and DNA tests.

For this reason, as we said, the central hypothesis is based on everything a person can improve when they carry out a specialized and custom-designed fast through 6 phases meticulously developed by the expert Lou Mateos. Therefore, we call this process High-Performance Fasting.

7. Falsifiability

Like any empirical proposition, you can find refutations, limitations and falsifiability in this experiment.

We are talking about an experiment that was first born as something empirical, thanks to Lou Mateos; it became a test with more sense and, above all, authority. However, we do not claim to establish any scientific milestones on high-performance fasting since many deficiencies can be found in monitoring and measurement, follow-up and detail regarding food, hours of intake, quantities and analysis and feedback processes.

It should be noted that each High performance fast will vary depending on the subject, his lifestyle, work, if he has a family or is single, as well as psychological-emotional, spiritual and physical variables. That is why it is not recommended to follow a type of fast of this kind without the supervision of a qualified professional.

A person cannot follow this experiment and expect to achieve the same results I have obtained. Since as Lou Mateos explains in various consulting sessions, and it is made clear in the experimental analysis, each person reacts differently to the same stimuli. Therefore, there must be a preliminary analysis to determine what is optimal – and which is defined as the high-performance level – for every individual who wishes to go through a protocol like the one we have experienced and been with.

8. High-Performance fasting validated learning

The experiment’s hypothesis was to determine the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state that a subject can reach through what, in context and observations, we have classified as High-Performance Fasting.


How fasting benefits your brain

Photo credit: Dr Jockers.


  1. Bearing in mind that, as other research has shown, intermittent fasting reports the following benefits:
  2. Weight loss – due to the increase the body needs in body fat to be used for fuel/energy.
  3. Prevention of diabetes and Type 2 – due to reduced insulin secretion.
  4. Blood sugar control.
  5. Reduces infections and chronic inflammations.
  6. Regulates heart health by improving blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol.
  7. Prevents neurodegenerative disorders.
  8. It improves and enhances cognitive and metabolic capacity due to the secretion of norepinephrine and growth hormone.
  9. Repair, restructuring and cellular regrowth.
  10. Decreased appetite – due to suppression of Leptin and Ghrelin.
  11. Delays ageing and extend longevity.
  12. It helps in the prevention of cancer and increases the effects of chemotherapy.
  13. Sources: Florida Medical Clinic, Healthline & Health Harvard.
  14. Other benefits outside of intermittent fasting and more related to a more robust and severe fast can be found here.
  15. A High Performance fast like the one detailed in this report has reported the following validated learning – extracted from the control panel and experiential analysis:
  16. Each of the 5 phases has fulfilled the purpose for which they were designed (see scorecard)
  17. The experiment lasted 41 days, starting on May 9, 2020, and ending on June 18 of the same year, adding 15 days of adaptation period once finished.
  18. Weight loss was not a differential factor in the experiment. The weight at the beginning was 67.7 kilograms and 60 at the end – measuring the first and last day. The average is 63.6 kg.
  19. Every day and on average, 2,674 steps were taken. This can be significant if one considers that sports and movements were entirely limited since COVID-19 was in the de-escalation phase.
  20. In high-performance fasting, the following supplements were used:
    1. Acidophilus probiotics.
    2. L-lysine.
    3. Bisglycinate magnesium
    4. Multivitamin and multimineral.
    5. Shilajit.
    6. Vitamin D2+K3 (from phase 2 onwards)
    7. Niacin (from phase 2 onwards)
  21. The average number of daily meals amounts to 1.1, especially if it is considered that most days, more liquid than solid has been ingested.
  22. This performance-optimized fast – which had minimal dinner and as light as bone broth as one of its foundations – has meant that I could turn the tide of getting up earlier with more energy, focus and good spirits.
  23. The king food of the experiment, let’s say the main channel of energy catalyst, has been live food salads, made up of all kinds of roots, green foods, natural fats and tuber as foods from the ground, seasonal and local.
  24. It has been possible to do almost all kinds of sports until the 17th and a 30% reduction in sports with high energy consumption until the 28th. From that moment on, the essential sporting activity tent was reduced (another 30%) until the end of the experiment.
  25. The foods that acted as “healthy distractions” were kombucha tea, coconut water, sparkling water and herbal teas (more details in the “legends” tab within the scorecard).
  26. External support was also used, consisting of an alkaline vegetable protein shake and the components of the Essential Life Synthesis Health shake (see the control panel for a better understanding of its use during the experiment).
  27. There were up to five different types of green, red and combined juices (see again “legend” to know all its ingredients)
  28. Only on one occasion was something unplanned consumed. It was miso soup with broccoli on June 6 (the 31st) at 1:40 pm.
  29. The second key element of the experiment was bone broth, precisely one of the highest quality Australian beef concentrate, specifically the Australian Bone Broth co. This has been the discovery, undoubtedly, due to the number of suitable properties, more than 16 amino acids, and absorption of collagen at almost unique levels through proline, arginine and glycine. Additionally, bone broth is packed with minerals (calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, and sodium), something I’ve noticed a lot during my 40-day experiment.
  30. Glucosamine and chondroitin contribute to joint pain. However, the most relevant has been optimizing the digestive system (which is understood by lightness, ease of digestion and strengthening of the digestive process). This is given thanks to collagen and gelatin.
  31. Vegetable fats have played a critical role; avocados, olive oils, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts or pumpkin seeds have been the main ones used at times designated as food recharge.
  32. The energy levels (which correspond to the strong thrust, to the vitality, with which I have lived every day) have reached an average of 7.67 out of 10, being above the usual standard (7.1), with the difference of feeling a vitality cleaner, lighter and healthier.
  33. Increased ability to concentrate, focus and perception. This has made productivity and professional performance also improves. First, concentration/focus has been defined as the time and quality spent on each task of what is considered important work, as well as how much time has been spent without distractions during that time of concentration (focus), which we have found hereafter of the 40 days and as an average it is above the usual standard, a 7.6, which ranged between a 6.43 and a 6.78 (extracted in previous experiments and in the cross-sectional scorecard that my daily life)
  34. Personal performance is the satisfaction ratio achieved at the end of the day, referring only to what was experienced outside the professional field, the average in the 41 days of the experiment was 7.68, and each day was full of challenges, enjoyment, joy and tiny details. That has loaded with meaning each of the days. Like before the experiment, I have been more prepared, with a better predisposition, humour and state of mind to receive it.
  35. Professional performance is understood to be strictly related to the work level, to be exact, the level of satisfaction, completed tasks, time taken to achieve them, and the impact analysis on the environment and oneself. These factors would be those that make up this indicator that has ended with an average of 8.05 on a scale from 1 to 10. Mental clarity, focus, mood, humour, personal performance and other parameters have positively influenced it. It was getting into Ultraproductivity but leaving a more lasting and pleasant trail.
  36. With an average of 8.4 out of 10, one of the highest scores of all the measured parameters, above-average mental clarity has been obtained, demonstrated in the sharpness and ability to make decisions and find solutions. Here we can verify and ratify that fasting is a significant cognitive enhancer and that nootropics are not needed to gain an excellent state of clarity daily. What I have experienced these days has led me (as an experimenter) to resolve conflicts, make decisions, clarify issues, ask exciting questions and solve problems, all with more ease and agility than before starting the experiment. Additional note: in addition to maintaining this state of clarity, as long as I have maintained an adequate diet in the high-performance post-fasting.
  37. Measuring the flow state is never a simple task, especially when experimenting with different parameters each time. On this occasion, we are referring to the degree of total involvement in a job and the number of times it has been observed to appear. Therefore, it can be said that this high-performance fasting experiment is not a great inducer, since the average, despite not being low, 6.7, has not been something that we can define as relevant for validating the hypothesis.
  38. The state of mind has been another of the learnings we have validated in these 41 days. State of mind refers to the sum of the variables “how I felt when I woke up” and “how I felt when I went to sleep” – the global average is 8.11, another indicator that is above the rest. We will add, in a qualitative way, that although I do not consider, being objective that my state of mind was low or not adequate before starting the experiment, now that I have been on the other side, I have verified how it can improve the quality of the well-being of a person (in this case me) through such a fast – and eating the necessary live foods, Lou Mateos argued.
  39. In the experiment, an attempt has been made to validate strength as the ability to do physical exercise without lowering the current level and, if possible, improving it. As? Through maintaining the postures in yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong positions for several minutes, not slowing down on the roller or in some foot race, and continuing with the intensities of HIIT. Again, the response has been positive, with only a slight increase when we compare the average of these 41 days, 7.08, with the usual standard, 6.3, again, on a scale of values from 1 to 10.
  40. Endurance in this high-performance experiment is also an important indicator – here, it refers solely and exclusively to the daily time dedicated to physical exercise and professional activity without the appearance of fatigue. This is perhaps one of the lowest results on average, 6.6 out of 10, since on many days, tiredness, drowsiness, and fatigue have appeared by 8-9Nevertheless, always taking into account that the awakening was between 6–7 am and the rhythm of the day barely slowed down during the experiment.
  41. With a 7.9 out of 10, the intellectual capacity parameter was another of the validated lessons that surprised us the most, noting greater ease in retaining small details that often go unnoticed, conversations, what you read in books, browse videos or listen to in podcasts, reasoning, more elaborate conclusions and simplifying what usually causes complexity.
  42. The spiritual connection (self-awareness, connecting with the interior and mental-emotional agitation) was improved by high-performance fasting, with an average of 7.3 out of 10; what was observed is a greater inner calm and, therefore, outer harmony between what could be controlled and what could not, between thoughts and emotions, without a doubt the restriction of food, the state of fasting and the supplanting by what is optimal that you can take to your mouth, are decisive elements that exchange heavy energy and sometimes dirty, on another clean and light.
  43. In humour, it happens similarly to the state of mind. At least 15 people (my mother) reported that my face was much more cheerful and happy. Even though the dark circles disappeared, it has been easier to relate to anyone, and myself, from the beginning of the day until almost the end. There have been moments when I used humour, and before, I used more forcefulness. The average has been 7.3 out of 10.
  44. The predominant exercise intensity until day 28 was medium. From that moment on, it became low or almost non-existent because it was not “intended to force the machine” under any precept. Unlike the previous 20-day total fasting experiment, this experiment sought optimization, possibility, gentleness, and balance between the four dimensions of human potential without the need to go through outstanding deficiencies and efforts above normal or radical behaviours.
  45. The duration of the daily sports practice reached between 2:00 and 2:30 am every day until the 16th. From that moment on, it decreased to approximately one hour (or more if we have energetic practices such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong) until the end. The experiment. It was being able to resist until completing the training, giving a little more of oneself each time, being rigorous and not at all complacent. This indicator is closely linked to the strength and resistance we previously mentioned in these validated learnings.
  46. There are four critical points when we talk about energy drops, syncopes or contraindications to the experiment, as well as the abuse of physical exercise or maintaining the same personal/professional activity as usual during these 40 days (which, for another part is designed so that it can be like this, without missing anything, quite the opposite); On the 12th day.
  47. I noticed a considerable drop in energy just as I was practising a 20-minute series of Luohan-style Qi Gong exercises, as they were impact exercises with quick, short, and explosive movements; after 10 minutes, I was short of breath, and I was dizzy. Then on the 17th, I felt some fatigue, but nothing serious. On day 31, I had a headache that (I felt) came from the need to eat something. This day coincides with the only extra food I took outside the plan (miso soup with broccoli). And finally, on day 35, as narrated in the summary of that day in the experiential analysis part, when I entered the autophagy phase, at night, almost at the end of the day, I experienced a massive drop in energy, followed by a kind of unbearable headache, a sign that the body needed something more than what it was supplying.
  48. According to the experiment results and the physical and mental activity, there was no considerable wear and tear to suffering dizziness after sports practice; in the dizziness indicators, there is a 99.7% “no dizziness”. In addition to the “post-training” sensations as a qualitative mean (or sentiment analysis), we can say that it was “good” it is also true that the sport decreased in intensity as the high-performance fasting phases progressed. Also, in sports practice, activation or relaxation after training was evenly distributed over the 41 days, with nothing remarkable in this parameter. We also did not find joint or muscle loads, more than usual, so there is no learning to validate here.
  49. The ease of instilling self-discipline each day stands out, with the intake and regulation of food being one of the most complex parts to control. But, on the other hand, the rest was just like deciding to add a new activity and then doing it with no problem. An example is the additional practice of energetic techniques, specifically Tai Chi and Qi Gong (known as Chi Kung), performed during the 41 days, every day, without exception.

To conclude this section, I will add that this experiment has been a gift, one of the best I have done to date, and indeed the best in terms of nutrition. Mainly because I have had such excellent advice and follow-up from Lou Mateos, apart from having designed it to measure taking into account the aspects that we sought to promote, my lifestyle and work style and how to care for and strengthen the parts of the body who needed that affection the most, all this has allowed us to discover, identify, analyze and optimize everything that was unbalanced in my body.

9. The step by step of High-Performance Fasting experiment advised by Lou Mateos

I have wanted to include this last section in the report because it gives great value and meaning to everything previously detailed. I did these six online consultancies with Lou as we moved from one experiment phase to another. Here Lou explained in detail the progress, outcomes, and what every step is for.

(Videos are in Spanish, but with subtitles in English – hope it makes sense, and please, bear with me)

Ps. Here you will find the Optimal Food Experiment, an excellent addition to this one.