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In the companies and organizations with which I work and advise, every day I find myself with a task further away from the Internet, and closer to the way in which I work with marketing. The Internet is an unlimited resource of options and alternatives to maximize our efforts, but if the marketing you do is not aligned with your business, the digital economy is left bare. Then improving and boosting your marketing becomes an imperative.

Brighten up and boosting your marketing

Here are 14 ideas for boosting your marketing:

1. Create a blog and write about how what you do (your product or service) can improve the people you reach

Write what might be attractive to people who are interested in your business. Write beyond acknowledgments or successes, show how you solved that misunderstanding with your client, how you recovered the lost sale or describe who is behind the graphics, marketing, finance or distribution. Teach readers the process that makes you unique, how you negotiate, how you attract customers, how you prepare campaigns or launches and what happens when something goes wrong.

2. Look for solutions to problems, deepen in understanding why that customer no longer buys

Because your website doesn’t receive visits or because your favorite product is no longer being visited. Solve that lack of motivation in your staff or poor communication between departments. Allow customers and employees to tell you their problems and then go and solve them.

3. The best ROI possible, money in your bank account

At the end of the tunnel, consider your bank account as the best indicator that the marketing you do has a positive, neutral or negative outcome.

4. Focus on the hard work

The motivation is excellent if you’re going to talk about optimism or illusion, but if you have to increase the sales of cars, APPs or sell more bottles of wine, or design a new model of clothes, besides that inspiration impulse, you will need constant work, count, and plan on it.

5. Your best asset is the project itself

As soon as you are aware of the landscape in which you live, create your brand around a project, idea, business or superpower and start to strengthen it. This is for managers, students, homemakers or administrators, amongst others.

6. Show vulnerability and imperfection

Use weakness to create resonance with the world, tell human stories with good and bad times, don’t limit yourself to selling success, sunsets and beautiful plates of food well fitted. It includes the rainy days, the meeting or unproductive day, and the failed and burned tortilla or the consequences of so much debauchery. Maybe you don’t get as many likes or comments, but you’ll be more human, and that connects souls.

7. Crossed marketing, please

Leave social media to one side as a promotional epicenter for your business strategy and open the doors to the fundamental digital transformation by adopting online and offline processes and incrusting them into the operation of your organizational model.

Define an objective with two / three uses for each of the tools or platforms of the social web. Otherwise, you’d better not do anything.


improving and boosting your marketing


8. The best marketing is embedded in your product or service

If your service is unfortunate, your product is deficient, or your client is dissatisfied, you will build a bad reputation online, and even the best consultant won’t be able to help you. Otherwise, if your service is excellent, the product arrives on time and is of a quality unconventional and you treat your client better than your lover, your online reputation will be very high, as simple as that.

9. Ask simple questions

Choose ignorant and straightforward before complicated and expert. The first is rare, scarce and valuable, and the second has already been done by many people out there.

10. Guest experience baby

Reach out, however, to the audience that is currently a customer and create positive change in their lives: offer them a free weekend at your hotel. Or invite them to a private dinner for customers at your restaurant, compose and dedicate a song or give them a prize such as a trip to a rural house or a wine tasting if you have a travel agency or a winery.

11. Human brand

Be a human brand: connect with your clients or audience through emotions: live your story, know their challenges, involve them in adventures or experiences beyond the service or product.

12. Practice the most successful strategy: commitment

Do what you say, arrive on time, commit to your client and fulfill it. Send a product in less than 24 hours, and try and make it come earlier than expected. Promise quality of service and exceed with an unforgettable experience. Don’t charge for external services and also offer other additional extras.

13. Market form the inside

Create your marketing department within your organization or brand, if you can’t, learn and do it yourself. Cut the chain of execution, work with professionals who move by objectives, not monthly payments, yes, reward them as they deserve.

14. Teach how to touch and change people

Marketing is change, not manipulation or prostitution, teach this to all the people who make up your business (even suppliers or collaborators), and there will be no more powerful marketing than that.

Boosting your marketing is a matter of delighting and enchanting

If your marketing is created to enchant your client, it doesn’t matter if you use Facebook, Twitter or a bamboo stick. Improving and boosting your marketing is doing the work that needs to be done. That’s it.