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Philosophy saved my life – Jules Evans.

A few months ago, I received a message from my soul sister, Natasja Pelgrom. In it, she explained that she had met a person with whom I will resonate and will be a great fit for a podcast interview; Jules Evans, a modern practical philosopher with a great and intense life experience. He was one of the first people to connect Stoicism with today’s world and spread his message through Stoicon or Stoic Week Project platforms.

There is something that cannot be broken, and that is ourselves

We managed to connect after some unsuccessful attempts to conduct the interview; I was travelling between cities and countries, and at that time, from Santa Teresa (Costa Rica), I did not have a reliable connection. On the other hand, Jules from Playa Grande, also in Costa Rica, adapted perfectly to the changes, like a stoic. A few weeks later, we finally connected and conducted a compelling and valuable interview using philosophy to overcome our daily problems and mental illnesses. We also discuss the responsibility that comes with this new wave of psychedelics, ecstatic experiences, mysticism, and the search for what is known as “oneself.” That in addition to the interesting life story of Jules Evans, all that he has taken from her and the lessons that he extracted writing the four books that he has already published.

Before you get lost in history, ask yourself questions – Jules Evans.

Who is Jules Evans

A person who has dedicated himself to rebuilding his life through practical philosophy. Writer, popularizer, entrepreneur, philosopher, stoic, researcher and disruptor.

Personally, I really enjoyed this conversation; there is no doubt that Jules is an authentic and philosophical but efficient guy. The interview should have lasted less time, but we were both energized as the questions and answers followed each other.

Our emotions are connected to our opinions

Jules Evans – Disrupt Everything podcast.

Being stoic means being very self-sufficient

Jules Evans - philosophy will change your life


Interviewing in a new episode Jules Evans, practical philosopher, on stoicism, modern philosophy, psychedelics, reprogramming beliefs, altered states of consciousness, mysticism, the ecstatic, life lessons, fighting depression, dealing with anxiety and stress, self-reliance, self-control and lifestyle redesign.

We need to protect our minds – Jules Evans

Index of contents

  1. Highlights.
  2. How to reprogram your beliefs.
  3. Coping with adversity, stress, and anxiety.
  4. The most important lessons from Jules’ books.
  5. How psychedelics shape your life.
  6. The ecstatic.
  7. Quick blank questions.
  8. Final message.

All adversity is training – Jules Evans.

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