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I am very curious and I do not mind taking risks – Kamal Ravikant.

In 2019 I heard this interview from Kamal on the James Altucher podcast. I found it interesting and provocative. I did not know him until then. One day Jock Gordon, a mutual friend, offered me the opportunity to interview him. However, we could not continue because Kamal nearly died in an accident.

Discipline comes from what you decide

Kamal Ravikant has lived and meditated with monks in the Himalayas and has also gone up to the highest camp. He has served in the United States Army infantry, travelled the Camino de Santiago, and been a co-founder and venture capitalist at various companies in Silicon Valley. A professional nomad lived who has worked with some of the icons of global entrepreneurship. Yet, even as he highlights, he has accompanied patients in their final moments.

Stories change lives

On the other hand, Kamal has written three Best Sellers and has been the only male member of the Black Women group of writers.

Hemingway was my teacher

His books (two also available in Spanish):Love Yourself As Your Life Depends on It, Rebirth and Live Your Truth.

Sometimes you have to climb a mountain to see the sun from high above

Disrupt Everything # 130 – Kamal Ravikant

If we pause we will have control over our mind

So here’s a new podcast, this time with a fun, entertaining and compelling interview with Kamal Ravikant. We talked for almost 1:20h about self-love, curiosity, taking risks, life and death, forgiveness, personal development, the craft of writing, undertaking, mastering the mind, creating change and inner flourishing.

Kamal Ravikant - Love yourself life your life depends on it


What can I do that can make me better? – Kamal Ravikant.

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Index of contents

  1. Three moments marked Kamal Ravikant’s life.
  2. Life lessons as a soldier in the army.
  3. Learnings and observations on backpacking, setting up companies and writing.
  4. I am mastering the craft.
  5. Rebirth.
  6. The art of pilgrimage and most impactful experiences.
  7. Unforgettable memories of the Himalayas.
  8. The untrained monkey and how to train the mind.
  9. Why your life depends on loving yourself.
  10. Discoveries in unconditional love – and as a couple.
  11. Live your truth.
  12. The path to a eudaimonic life.
  13. The best lessons as a writer.
  14. Great learning as an entrepreneur.
  15. How to follow the exciting part of our hearts.
  16. The most formidable challenge and how to overcome it.
  17. Follies, dangers and risks.
  18. And death comes.
  19. Rapid-fire questions.

The only thing that changes you is love” – ​​Kamal Ravikant.

Resources and interview notes:

The best investment is in a human being

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