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Don’t be the best, be the only one, do the things that only you can do – Kevin Kelly.

I’ve known Kevin Kelly since 2010; he was featured in an article by Seth Godin. Cited as an agent of change in the new world, I began to follow him and become interested in his work. He has been one of the “top-performers” that I have always followed on Twitter. In 2014 Tim Ferris, in one of his first podcasts, listed them as a wise scholar and possibly one of the world’s most interesting men. For me, and after having been able to talk with him and interview him for the podcast, I can say that he is essentially a genius…

Who is Kevin Kelly?

One of the forerunners and founders of Wired Magazine in 1993 for the first seven years, now become Senior Maverick, Author of several NYT Bestsellers including “The Inevitable”, best-seller New Rules for the New Economy, Out of Control, The Silver Cord, Cool Tools and What Technology Wants. In addition, Kevin is co-founder of the Hackers Conference (which in 1984 already brought together programmers and brought together three generations). In the past, he edited and published The Whole Earth Catalog, compendiums with the best tools available for self-education.

I like to develop theories based on personal experiences

He also participated in the launch of WELL (based on online communities and social networks that led to companies like AOL, for example). This pioneering technological service began in 1983. Kevin also launched Cool Tools intending to analyze one tool a day in 2003, and in 2014 he published the book Cool Tools with the best of the 11 years of the project, a new bestseller on Amazon. Finally, in 1990 Kevin launched Cyberthon, an experiment related to virtual reality.

Progress means increasing your choices and opportunities – Kevin Kelly.

Kevin Kelly has appeared in the most important national and international publications, New York Times, The Economist, Time, Harpers, Science, GQ, Wall Street journal or Fornes. In addition, his photographs are ordinary in publications of the stature of LIFE.

He is the founder of the Long Now Foundation board, a group of people who encourage people and businesses to think long-term and have created a clock and library inside a Texas mountain that will last 10,000 years. In addition to all this, I have read that Kevin cycled 5,000 miles across the US, and he’s a photographic nomad who has travelled to countless corners of the world.

And in closing, it is worth mentioning that Kevin does not have any college credentials of any kind. Instead, he is a creator or, as he defines himself as a “maker”.

“Follow the golden rule”

Podcast Disrupt Everything #148 – Kevin Kelly

Be as generous as possible

Interview to Kevin Kelly - the master scholar


Interview with one of the great sages of technology, Kevin Kelly, about disrupting yourself, finding your uniqueness, and learning better. It is an essential conversation with a great creator and inventor about how to progress in life, his achievements, lessons, and learnings from some of his books, valuable tools, a technology from a different point of view than usual, recommendations, and practical wisdom.

Learn to ask better questions

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Index of contents

“We are newbies forever” – Kevin Kelly.

  1. The highlights.
  2. Learning about yourself by being a parent.
  3. Vital Lessons magazine in Wired 1993-2020.
  4. How Kevin Kelly creates her experiments on him.
  5. 1,000 true fans.
  6. The essential learnings from his latest book: “The Inevitable”.
  7. The most interesting and valuable “cool tools”.
  8. What technology wants.
  9. The link with the photograph and what that contributes.
  10. Moments to rescue again and again.
  11. Favourite gadgets.
  12. Best / worst investment.
  13. Most powerful recent lesson.
  14. Most shocking learning of his professional career.
  15. Rituals and routines.
  16. Recommended books.
  17. Tricks Kevin Kelly can’t live with.
  18. Positive habits.
  19. Critical skills for this disruptive and connected the new world.
  20. Lead a virtuous life.

Understand how to learn to learn better

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* Access here the summary of the interview transcribed and translated into Spanish thanks to Marita Álvarez.

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