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Wisdom arrives after shaking – Manex Ibar.

“Manex Ibar is a great master of life” is what Rodolfo told me, Escalante, in a conversation days after our interview. “There is a vital experience called Wisdom Quest that you should live”, this was the second thing he knew. “This genius has to appear on your podcast was the third and last. After this, I just wanted to learn more about Manex and find a way to get to him to request an interview.

After spending 44 days alone in nature, I was still fighting against my ego

I researched, not too much (I resonate more to do it when I prepare the interview), contacted his team; were very friendly and accessible, and set the interview time and date. Later we had two changes of dates, and finally, the time came—he from the Basque Pyrenees and myself from Miami.

Who is Manex Ibar?

Humans are multidimensionals

He is a spiritual scientist, a mix between a guide that allows us to navigate between layers of consciousness, a coach of individual optimization, a spiritual work teacher, a 21st-century shaman and a sound artist. This is how I could define Manex Ibar.

And now, also, you will know why it is a multidimensional being and because it could record four episodes followed with it:

  • Twenty-six years old in the spiritual world, working for 14 years.
  • Spiritual speaker.
  • Ceremonial leader.
  • Entrepreneur of Sustainable Life Systems.
  • Human Design.
  • Energetics.
  • Remote viewing.
  • Cabala.
  • Genetics.
  • Taoist philosophy.
  • Bon Tibetan.
  • Manex helped digitize NFL, MLB, Muppet Babies, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Star Wars, and Ty Beanie Babies, becoming Sony’s younger executive vice-president of new media technologies at the age of 23.
  • His non-profit organizations were associated with UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to create global art exhibitions with the Ansel Adams Foundation and National Geographic that celebrated sustainability, fashion, music and art, working with Al Gore and other celebrities in the global warming season.
  • Author of Living Shamanism Oracle App & Tarot Cards.
  • Author of the Sphinx Code wisdom system and “Nature Spirituality”.
  • Manex is currently writing two books, The Most Needed Sex Book For Men and Health Systems for Vitality In The Future.
  • Creator of the “Wisdom Quest”, a modern shamanic experience.
  • Founder of Frequency Life, Sphinx Code, Conscious Medicine Labs, Living Shamanism and Bio-Energetics Institute.
  • Father of twins.

Accept your darkness, how much more light you get, more darkness will come

And we have still left the best for the podcast interview.

It has been one of the interviews I have most resonated in recent years. I’m going to try to join one of the Wisdom Quest experiences of Manex and probably work with him. Listen to the episode, and if you resonate with him, do not hesitate to contact him; it could be a great lever to exciting places.


Disrupt Everything Podcast #154 – Manex IBAR

Accept your shadow, and then transform it into love.


Manex Ibar podcast interview


Interview with Manex Ibar, a scientific-spiritual teacher and life guide, combines science, sound, shamanism, medicinal plants and consciousness. Manex is a multipotential and multidimensional being that explores our purest existence. In the conversation, we dissect a large part of Manex’s life to find clues about alleviating suffering, optimizing human potential, finding the best version of oneself, vital learning, the importance of discipline, the consciousness of the spirit, unlocking your hidden power, find the true alignment, the search for wisdom and much more.

What prevents you from being where you are?

Index of contents

  1. Milestones.
  2. The optimized life.
  3. Guide through consciousness.
  4. Relieve suffering.
  5. Optimize our potential.
  6. Your highest “You”.
  7. Lessons after 25 years of craftsmanship.
  8. Spiritual scientist.
  9. Shamanism
  10. Uncover the hidden potential.
  11. Alignment.
  12. Effective coaching.
  13. The intersection.
  14. Human design
  15. Wisdom Quest.
  16. Rapide-fire questions.

* Access here the summary of the interview transcribed and translated into Spanish thanks to Marita Álvarez.

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