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I always wanted to write the anti-self-help book – Mark Manson.

A few months ago, I realized a survey among the participants of the second edition of the Ultraproductivity method, where I asked what people would recommend interviewing at the podcast. One of those people was Mark Manson, recommended by Catalina Zapata (Thank you). Mark is world-known for the first book‘s overwhelming success: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, the most read no-fiction book in Amazon in 2017.

People always think they have been fucked up.”

Mark Manson is also a Blogger since 2009, with more than 15 million visits on the web/blog. He writes about life advice based on science, pragmatic and blunt, rabbits who do not stink as he calls them. Each week, he sends through his Newsletter three ideas that could potentially change your life. He has sold more than 13 million books from the first book, and he has also published three more books: Everything is Fucked, Love Is Not Enough and Models: Attractive Women Through Honesty.

Mark Manson, a virtuous man

Love is similar to happiness; it can only be healthy if in your life you have something else – Mark Manson.

It was delightful and inspiring to talk and interview Mark because you realize that he is an integral, honest, values, vulnerable person with an unstoppable attitude. The meeting was enjoyable; it is one of those interviews where you have a great time because, the other part is also enjoying it, and it is there because you feel like it resonates and is willing to make the occasion count.

You are not going to the School of Arts if you are going to be a successful artist.”

Mark has gone from being a frustrated musician to a public personality that has appeared in the main international media: NBC, CNN, Fox News, The BBC, Time Magazine, Larry King, Dr Oz, New York Times, New York Post, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Vice, and Vox, among others. He deals with life purpose, personal values, self-discipline, relationships, creating a better life, conversations, overcoming anxiety and blogging.

Human mind is never satisfied.”

Disrupt Everything podcast- Mark Manson

Happiness is the wrong question.”

Mark Manson podcast interview


A new episode with a new guest, a modern insurgent, Mark Manson. Who wrote the most read non-fiction book in 2017, according to Amazon. A conversation about authenticity, being genuine in life, sign our own voice, and putting aside the social convention, social pressure, and the harmful elements of this system surround us. In this conversation, we cover the most important vital learning of Mark writing his books, which has learned from them, which has learned from millions of people and hundreds of great brands. Everything that has happened before, during and after all The positive impact caused by his work.

Whatever happens in my life, it never surprises me” – Mark Manson.

Index of contents

  1. Sensations of his own career.
  2. Featured aspects and milestones.
  3. About writing and having a blog.
  4. Learning when writing subtle art not to care a fuck.
  5. Inspiration for Mark Manson.
  6. The best we can do to improve ourselves.
  7. To those concerned about the journey of happiness/unhappiness.
  8. More important yet.
  9. How to learn to surrender to the experience of what comes.
  10. Why everything is fucked up and how we can get rid of it.
  11. The reason why he recorded the audiobook “love is not enough.”
  12. How can we love ourselves, and how can we love others. Give vs receive.
  13. Values, principles and virtues.
  14. Blog strategy by 2020 and how someone can use a blog effectively today.
  15. Analysis and dissection on how to write a book that has a great impact.
  16. Next to a literary project.
  17. Micro-guide to build a better life after the Covid-19.
  18. Suggestions for creating significant conversations.
  19. What are the essential knowledge about dating and loving relationships, and how did he learn those lessons.
  20. Overcoming anxiety.
  21. The most difficult thing to accept and why.
  22. Disruption and how it disturbs itself.
  23. Ideas about stoicism.
  24. Transformer habits.
  25. The most valuable skills.
  26. Books must be read.
  27. Shocking quotes.
  28. Valuable blogs.
  29. Experiments
  30. Tips that do not stink for young and older.
  31. The podcast question for the audience.

Any problem ends up being chosen by you.”

* Access here the summary of the interview transcribed and translated into Spanish thanks to Marita Álvarez.

Podcast show-notes and resources:

I choose this fight; it is part of what I choose – Mark Manson.


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