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«Empathy comes with practice« – Patti Sanchez

Isra writes and edits, and publishes IG team – A few months ago, I interviewed Nancy Duarte on the Disrupt Everything podcast, a phenomenal conversation about empathy, leadership, communication, persuasion and making a positive impact through advertising and stories, in addition to knowing the incredible human being that Nancy is. Later, in some emails we exchanged, I asked her who she would recommend I interview in future episodes, “Patti Sanchez” was her answer.

So I began investigating and found another disruptor and a great leader to interview and deconstruct to extract what has led her to be who she is and where she is.

Who is Patti Sanchez

«When I work on a story with a leader, I always start at the end«

Patti Sanchez is one of the foremost world-renowned experts guiding leaders and businesses through stories that resonate and have a lasting impact. She helps leaders and large organizations craft compelling narratives and storytelling to create powerful and persuasive presentations. She is also the chief strategy officer for Duarte, Inc, one of Silicon Valley’s top-ranked advertising companies.


Patti Sanchez explains how to move people and create change through communication and visual presentations on Isra Garcia's podcast


«In my personal life I have always tried to be more private, but they made me see that my most personal story deserves to be told to move other people, in addition to leading by example«

How to communicate with real potential and impact

We want you to enjoy this interview as we have; there is much to be gained from empathy, effective communication, and the right questions to get to know your audience and make an impact in presentations and speeches.

«Tell your story and be vulnerable. Be honest, natural and organic about your life experiences«


Disrupt Everything Podcast: Patti Sanchez – effective communication contains empathy

«Concrete everything in a single point«


Patti Sanchez podcast interview - duarte


Isra García interviews expert communicator, storyteller, thought leader, and author Patti Sanchez on how to move people and impact the world through visual messages, presentations, and public speaking. They also discuss the new rules for brands and leaders in the world of communication, how to harness the true power of empathy, what it’s like to be a great leader today, and best practices for initiating positive change through advertising and communication,

«You have to talk about what matters to your people, and who are your people? what’s your problem?«

Listen here:

Interview main topics

  1. The most important lesson for Patti so far.
  2. Moments that deeply touched Patti.
  3. Secrets of her profession.
  4. The art of empathy.
  5. Leadership and empathy lessons.
  6. Key learnings and techniques for public speaking.
  7. How to create stories that resonate.
  8. How to be aware of what is learned.
  9. Patti’s tips on how to present virtually and maximize the impact of presentations.
  10. Super learnings in more than 25 years as a communicator.
  11. The best daily tricks of persuasion.
  12. Patti’s ideas on communication, advertising and marketing.
  13. Necessary experiences that have shaped Patti Sanchez.
  14. Successful habits.
  15. How Patti stays productive.
  16. Patti’s formula for living in a permanent state of reinvention.
  17. Patti’s meditative practice.
  18. Her most formidable challenge yet.
  19. What happens when things are out of control.
  20. Patti Sanchez’s Hero’s Journey.
  21. Her prescription for a good life.
  22. Advice for the “me” of her younger and older.
  23. Final message.

Podcast show notes

Links and resources of interest commented by Patti Sanchez in the episode:

It’s not the words but how they come out of you and reach others – Patty Sanchez

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