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I walked into my first meeting not knowing what to say – Nancy Duarte

Today we have as a guest in a new podcast, one of the world’s most outstanding leaders in communication, a global influencer of effective communication, a global disruptor who has changed the perception of corporate presentations and how to present facts, data and tell stories through of visual messages, she is Nancy Duarte.

I got my own peace and competed against it

Who is Nancy Duarte?

Show up differently


nancy duarte podcast interview on leadership, empathy and persuasion


Nancy Duarte is a communication expert featured in Fortune, Time Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, LA Times and CNN, among other outlets. Her agency, Duarte, Inc., is a world leader, the trustworthy brand behind some of the most influential visual messages globally, such as Apple’s. As an expert in persuasion, she cracked the code to effectively incorporate story patterns into business communications.

She has written six best-selling books, five of which have won multiple awards.

Those books are:

Nancy has won several awards in communication, entrepreneurship, and executive women. Duarte is ranked #67 on the Top 250 Women in Leadership list. She was also ranked number 2 in the top 30 communication professionals in 2022. She has been a speaker on numerous public stages and conferences and at several Fortune 500 companies, where 200 are part of her clientele. Her TEDx talk “The Secret Structure of Great Talks” has nearly 3 million views. She participates in various business schools and has several times lectured at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.

Nancy Duarte believes that ideas are the most powerful tools we have. Her passion is helping people learn to communicate their ideas of changing the world effectively. She is proud to say that she has three grown children who walk in her destiny, a husband who has loved her forever, and two grandchildren who take her breath away.

Disrupt Everything podcast – Nancy Duarte on leadership, empathy, persuasion and thriving.

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Nancy Duarte, the expert in persuasion, empathy, communication, presentations and the art of storytelling


Isra García interviews the world expert in communication and persuasion, Nancy Duarte, about the art of persuasion, empathy, and the power of visual stories and presentations that create awe and deepen human and empathic leadership. In addition, this conversation covers how to build a constantly thriving global company that is determined to make a million good communicators worldwide, how to go from controlling action to curious yielding, and a fun final round of quick-fire questions.

Remove as much friction as possible.”

Listen here:

Index of contents

  1. What’s your story, Nancy?
  2. Life milestones.
  3. Love at first sight with presentations and slides.
  4. Lessons from creating presentations for over three decades.
  5. Steps to follow to be persuasive without ceasing to be empathetic.
  6. Evolution in the patterns of great communicators.
  7. The best communication tips to remember over and over again.
  8. Nancy Duarte’s message is that those who repeat themselves are not good at telling stories.
  9. The elements to create compelling, persuasive and empathetic stories.
  10. Slide: ology and the most critical learnings for Nancy.
  11. How to stay human in a hectic and hyperconnected world.
  12. The most important lesson in taking Duarte from zero to hero.
  13. How Nancy Duarte deals with ineffective communication.
  14. How Nancy deals with distractions.
  15. This a lesson to never forget.
  16. Nancy’s recipe for creating a prosperous life and career.
  17. Rapide-fire questions with Nancy Duarte.

The audience comes first

Podcast show-notes:

Interview highlights infographic by Jim MacLeod.

Recently Jim MacLeod created an interesting infographic with some of the interview highlights with Nancy Duarte. Find it below:

Nancy Duarte - Using Persuasion & Empathy for Storytelling Success

Source: Jim MacLeod.

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