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I started to become interested and to self-train in marketing in 2005. I got my first professional job in marketing in 2008. Then, I started writing a blog in 2008, that same year I discovered the digital scene, I found social media. I had no idea what was going to happen, or where it was going to end. Neither the blog nor me. After those nine years, I discovered that every time I could do more and more with what I had in my hands. From creating the life that I wanted to develop business, agencies, projects, challenges, and even social impact initiatives. Then I started discovering other territories. I began to learn to unite disciplines and create methodologies. And I designed an ultraproductive and personal marketing system that improved over time.

About building a personal marketing system

I don’t often write about social media itself. First, it’s because I’m not so specialized in it anymore. Second, it’s also because I couldn’t contribute much more than what I have already provided. Third, because there are others much better and more specific people than me such as Oscar Valdelvira, Aitor Contreras, Álvaro Villa or Albert Valero. However, I do believe that I can do something useful. Share with you my personal marketing system, which is ultraproductive and supported by social media and the digital channel. You can do yours the way you want if you consider it useful. There’s a method, and it’s shown in the image above. I wanted to share with you how it works for me.

personal marketing ultraproductive system

Social media

I have written a bit about how social platforms work for me today and in past years. I use social platforms to show people the work I create and do; in the form of articles, videos, projects, presentations, images and soon audio. Work adapted to others and reconverted to move from “me” to “value, utility and impact” for you.

In general, social > media (content). This would be a good summary. In addition to using it to connect with anyone who wants to reach me, I respond and act. I also use platforms such as Instagram, Medium or LinkedIn to express part of what worries me and what I am dedicating my time.

For me, now, roughly: Facebook + LinkedIn + Twitter (from more to less) + YouTube (increasing) + Medium (coming up) + Instagram + Google+ (to least). It’s what’s working. For you, the mix may vary.

The digital performance

The drawing above goes in two directions. On the right is the community. It’s what I give free to people who are willing to dedicate a few minutes of their time, like this blog for example. There are many ways that I think this is a powerful asset. It’s connection.

That’s social media to the right. The blog below social media means that I can get people to go to my blog (or wherever I want them to go). Social Media aims at communication.

Content marketing

As I mentioned before, the content of the blog generates different results. I use this material so that people subscribe to my daily newsletter or the monthly spark. Also to send potential participants to Stand OUT Program or brands to This is IG. I use content marketing to recommend people things that the world needs to know. Another use would be to reflect somewhere something that stood out to me the day before. On the right is the most tangible part, the one that helps me get a job as a consultant, agency or speaker. The content that I create offers ideas that I can turn into my primary source of income.

Maybe, your graph could carry some other element. If you sell food products, where I say “consulting / agency/conferences” you would say “new patients/clients”.

Subscribers / newsletter

I have discovered that the majority of businesses that happen through my blog are with people who are daily subscribers. More than 75% of my annual income. Most come from consultancies, projects that lead to IG and conferences (which grow more every day). This part is the gold of the personal marketing system, or at least, it should be.


If you think about it, it’s all pretty much related. If I hadn’t of used social platforms differently from how I used it years ago, then there wouldn’t be more and more people signing up for my blog. And if that hadn’t of happened, I wouldn’t have had the chance to grow the daily subscribers. And if that hadn’t of happened, I wouldn’t have been able to offer the right results to earn the rights to sell and work with more people.

Everything matters, the problem is that we haven’t understood how to apply a sufficient formula. When you create a marketing system, you have to think about the business, not about marketing.

For me, the thing that stands out the most is that. I use 30 minutes a day to make the marketing system equation function.

Develop your ultraproductive and personal marketing system

This is something that we take care of working in depth in as training at Stand OUT Program for example. We make simple strategies that work.

Questions? Thoughts? How can I help?