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Trauma is a separation in our nervous system, a part is a stress and the other is numb – Thomas Hüebl.

A few months ago, Jock Gordon contacted me to recommend someone necessary to interview; his name was Thomas Hüebl. One of the biggest experts in collective trauma. Thomas was born in Austria, a paramedic and facilitator who decided to identify, draw, and heal traumas through collective experiences.

We did the interview a few weeks ago; he from Israel, and me from Santa Teresa. And let me tell you that I learned a lot; it was advantageous, and even the meditation guided by Thomas was greatly impactful and took me to a great relaxation.

Who is Thomas Hüebl

When I’m looking for something I need to walk my life and be able to change it from the inside out

Thomas Hüebl is a spiritual and human development teacher, author of the healing collective trauma book, and founder of the Academy of Inner Sciences and PocketProject. His teachings integrate the fundamental ideas of the great wisdom traditions with the discoveries of contemporary science. Thomas has worked with tens of thousands of people worldwide through workshops, training programs and online courses.

His work combines somatic awareness practices, advanced meditative practices and transformation processes that address individual and collective trauma. Thomas has guided large-scale healing events that have gathered thousands of Germans and Israelis to recognize, face and heal the cultural shade left by the Holocaust.

Disrupt Everything Podcast – Thomas Hüebl, mastering trauma

There is a great power in the collective witness that brings totality


Thomas Hüebl on how to heal trauma


This is the interview with Thomas Hüebl, a global expert in collective trauma on identifying, tackling, healing the trauma and using it for our own benefit. This new episode collects a powerful conversation around collective and individual trauma, fundamental ideas, advanced consciousness and meditative practices, practical wisdom and much more …

I started to understand that we live in a world with thousands of years of traumatization

Index of contents

  1. Top milestones and transforming experiences.
  2. Larger lessons as a facilitator.
  3. Experiences through his own healing.
  4. The most powerful main ideas of the great traditions.
  5. Compassion and self-compassion.
  6. Symptoms of traumas.
  7. Mysticism in daily life.
  8. Liberation and healing of the trauma.
  9. Learning from the healing of collective trauma.
  10. German and Israelis working together in the healing of trauma.
  11. Sensitization practices based on full attention.
  12. Rapid-fire questions.
  13. The question for the audience.

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The deep listening is presence, the presence becomes conscious – Thomas Hüebl.

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