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The other day I did an easy ultraproductivity review. I was trying to determine some essential points that allow us to move from producing work, reaching goals, and working more hours to continue working more. To work intensely, focused, with awareness and intention, to create better work. Also, to do it in less time, to help us gain more time than to invest in a winning lifestyle. So I decided to extract some ultraproductivity techniques that will help others in that pursuit.

As there is a small part of the Excellence Program where we drive unemployed people through ultraproductivity, I have optimized it so that in a short space of time, they can have a high impact. From that screen, I have obtained precise systems that generate positive results quickly and are very simple to carry out. I have described these systems below.

19 ultraproductivity techniques for a smooth, fast and effective outcome


ultraproductivity techniques - isra garcia


Easy to follow, but you need commitment and self-discipline:

  1. Plan your agenda the night before.
  2. Select the night before the four personal and professional goals that you will primarily achieve the next day. When you start working, you cannot and should not do anything other than work to complete those four professional goals; the same applies to personal goals.
  3. Never start the day (or end it) by reacting to external motives: WhatsApp, social media, email, telephone, conversations, etc. Only do what is proactive.
  4. Disable all visual and sound notifications from your mobile devices and technological equipment.
  5. Severely restrict time spent on social networks and social messaging.
  6. Every fifteen days, do not use any technology throughout the day.
  7. Read and interact (and gossip if you are one of those) online once a week.
  8. Spend 15 minutes every day to “inform yourself” about useful content, where you will get an idea from that you can work on.
  9. If LinkedIn is essential to you, force yourself to perform three actions a day, not to enter and snoop, but to take action.
  10. Identify all the thieves of your time, list them, and work out how much time they consume you, what, and who, and create barriers to correct that great robbery.
  11. Practice the 90/10 formula.
  12. Make 3-minute decisions, when the timer reaches zero, you will have to decide. It works because you will end up settling with your instinct.
  13. Learn to say “no.” But also learn to fit it.
  14. Read books, yes. Listen to podcasts, yes. Watch videos, yes. Force yourself to get something out of them every time you do it by dissecting the content.
  15. Practice conscious and forceful training. Understand what it gives you and educate yourself on it. The rest, train yourself, learning is something you do, not that’s done to you.
  16. Walk the path of optimal nutrition; for that, you have to request a DNA test and follow the steps of the specialists. Here you’ll find only the truth.
  17. Look for the essential questions to make every area of your life ultra-productive: health and well-being, social relationships, family, homework, technology, leisure, sport, etc.
  18. Create micro-moments of leisure, family, loneliness, stillness, emotional, and professional moments. Skip a category daily.
  19. Optimize your economy weekly through an excel that shows fixed expenses, variables and income. Try to pay by card to be able to follow up better.

Those easy and fast ultraproductivity techniques are possible, but like everything else in life, it has a price. You have to sacrifice something for sure. Are you willing to do it?

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