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Now that you spend 24 hours at home unless you live in the UK or skip a few laws, you should think about how to implement the Ultraproductivity method at home. Why? Because you’re going to have to go through this situation for a while (practice negative visualisation)

So for starters, here is an unorganised list of 13 essential keys you can do to develop the Ultraproductivity method at home, so you don’t stop doing the work that matters while living the best you can:

1. Optimise your time

Diversify the time between personal (for your self-growth), professional (to advance your work), family (with your family) and rest. Ideally, this would be a 100% balanced formula of the day. There are other nuances such as if like me; you live alone, then I divide that family time between personal, professional and rest.

2. Boost your time

Make the time that you spend on yourself and with your family. Do it as balanced as possible between physical activity (sport – optimum nutrition), intellectual activity (practice: reading with a purpose, learning skills, acquire habits), spiritual activity (practices: meditation – stillness), and emotional activity (practices: acceptance, surrender, vulnerability or love). This will help you perform well in each area, and if you do it as a family, when that climate is breathed, a genuinely positive atmosphere is created.


the ultraproductivity method at home

3. Entertainment

Restrict non-enlightening leisure to 1h maximum per day. If I were you, I would eliminate it, but I am not you.

4. Optimal nutrition

Identify what you eat, how many times you eat, and why you do it. You could be paying your anxiety, frustration or stress with food. Bad choice. Instead of that, buy yourself a boxing bag and let it out with that. If you have questions about your nutrition and how to be positive, optimistic and full of energy, contact Lou Mateos.

5. Working from home

Set up small meetings with your team (or ask your boss), one at the beginning of the day and the other at the end, no more than 10 minutes, so that you are all working on the priorities that matter, retrospectively and prospectively.

6. Team management

Do not go crazy buying project management software, because the important thing is not to assign tasks and fulfil them, but that the team is mentally and emotionally aligned; you can’t integrate the Ultraproductivity method at home without your team contribution.

7. Important work

What tasks are now life and death matters in your business, job or company? Those go first, as soon as you’re up, this is essential for implementing the Ultraproductivity method at home. Then what can you think of that you could do to turn this situation into an opportunity? Because I assure you, once your definitive work is done, you can take the opportunity to investigate new business strategies, recruitment, retention and loyalty.

8. Mornings

Don’t make the mistake of getting up late, do the exact opposite, wake up an hour earlier than usual. Or two. And take advantage to create or outline or adapt your epic morning.

9. Mantras

It is during these days when this should be a type of prayer that you repeat several times a day “What is the gift that the lockdown is giving me, and I am not seeing?

10. Optimal sport practice

Practice different kind of sports, professionals like Manuel Castro recommend between 30-45 minutes a day and rest two or three days in a row.

11. Advance now

Take the opportunity to advance in all the projects that you had previously not been able to do. They can be personal (cook, take more care of your children, write, play an instrument), or professional (learn how to code, design and expansion plan, look for new job opportunities or launch your brand).

12. Stop distracting movements

You should limit the Internet and smartphone hours. And define everything that can subtract from you.

ultraproductivity from home

Avoid the horrendous trends which almost everyone is doing on social media, like “I nominate xxxxx, to do kick-ups with a paper ball”, and stuff like that.

Check and read 80% less than before on social networks and the media. Reduce digital solutions.

Find out only from credible and fair sources – for example, TED.

13. Practice taking micro-steps

Make micro-decisions that do not affect you long term; you do not know what will happen then. Practice being quiet during small amounts of time, when you get up, before going to sleep, after your workday – look for at least 5 or 6 moments of stillness of two to four minutes. Do the same with micro-meditations; they can be from two to five minutes – between six and seven a day, you will see how you live differently and focus very individually each day and what it may bring. Set micro-objectives, not pretentious, remember that what you want is to move a lot, there is nothing like taking small steps – when all this is over your progress will not be comparable to anyone.

You can see it as a lockdown or an opportunity to implant Ultraproductivity method at home; it is all a matter of perception and focus.

Photo credit: Focus Booster // Rescue Time Blog.