/ Mapmakers, Marketing.

We all share the opportunity to market, design, communicate, write, sing, ride, craft, draw, disrupt or create. We can do it in a very different trend, with an unmatched and unique style, in a myriad of levels, with distinctive results one from each other. We all have diverse approaches and perspectives. Most of us share the same profession, even two or three languages, but we all exercise or practice in an unmatched way. We all know enough about the disruptive economy, but we all interpret and live it distinctively. We all share the same planet, but we aren’t all the same profile, on the contrary. We’re unmatched persons.

We are individuals with greatness, not for a social status, economic power or influential connections. No, it’s better than this, it’s because we can choose. This single element makes us people wonderfully unmatched if we want to. It’s the responsibility of every professional, to disrupt any imposed choice. Why? Pretty simple, it happens barely because not long ago, we did not have so much choice. Now we do.

No niches, no masses. No instructions. No obedience. No conformism. No compliance. Only authentic mapmakers that are in search of other mapmakers to resonate with. Change agents like them, so we all can amplify the very thing that makes any human being unmatched. Perhaps you think “I wish it would be like this”, you’re wrong. It’s already part of this present moment.

The challenge of our time is first work in our inner self so we can become the person you deep inside already know you are. Secondly, discovering what it makes you excel. Thirdly, once you find out what it is, perhaps it’s chemistry, or jewellery or reviews or telling stories or cooking sushi or Yoga, whatever it is, own it and improve it until you lose your mind. Fourthly, once you have this wrapped out, give it to the world as your one and only gift, being useful changing what it matters to you. The final step, enjoying the outcome of your bravery.

The goals are finding and organising the thing that makes you the unmatched. You’d better accept that, in a mid-term, you might be seen as somebody quite weird, don’t fight it, because the key may rely upon.