/ Unstoppable attitude, Wisdom.

Here you can find key learnings in the Shaolin Europe Temple. This is the outcome of 5 days of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional training. The second time that I visited the Monastery (here the experience of the first time), this time to participate in the “Monastery on Time” program, a comprehensive program that mixes Shaolin (martial) Arts and Tai Chi, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and an exciting dose in cultivating some of the main fundamental virtues of the Shaolin order: patience, self-control, discipline, modesty, prudence, humility and mindfulness.

Here you will find 13 conclusions from those key learnings in the Shaolin Europe Temple, a new vital experience I just finished. I am delighted with the progress made since the first time in August until today, but no surprises, I have trained every day of these almost 320 days that have passed, and the ones that I have not prepared, it was because of the tendinitis that I had. You are what you do. And how much or little you prepare for life.


Essential lessons an key learnings in the Shaolin Temple Europe: self-mastery, self-control and self-discipline


  1. Believe it or not, belief doesn’t matter. Go. Train. Practice. Persists. Trust. Mistress. Follow.
  2. To reach the most profound calm and the essence of life, you need fire and action; you cannot create peace where there is no war. The tranquillity of being comes after the hurricane of the senses.
  3. The power should always be on. More breath, more force. More power, more energy. And more energy, more power.
  4. When faced with a decision, it twice. The first is with your mind (the usual way). Then go and check with your centre, you will realize if it is the moment and the right decision. You don’t always have to say yes or no. You can wait or not.
  5. Receive what comes and let go of what goes.
  6. There are two perspectives: embrace everything or reject everything. Both have the same power.
  7. Too much structure kills you. Too little design makes you a soft sloth. The key is to live without form within the system, which means living free within your self-discipline.
  8. Love is a massive and infinite expansion from your centre to whatever you see, touch, feel, perceive, and think about. It connects with everything you know, even what you cannot understand.
  9. When you are connected in that way, when there is that cosmic connection, there is nothing that cannot enlighten you; bushes, cement, a drop of water, the cocoon of a butterfly, a fabric, a smile, a cloud, a noise, a stumble… In the face of such a connection, it is impossible not to be you, me, and everyone. It is then when that genuine compassion happens.
  10. Let go of the connection to yourself. It’s not relevant, it’s not too important, not as important as you think. Instead, connect with anything. Only then will you understand forgiveness. Forgetting yourself, that’s forgiving, forgiving no one, just yourself.
  11. There is only one way to reach unlimited human potential, being one with the body, with the emotions, with the spirit, with the mind, with the breath, with the external, with you, with the earth, with the wind, with the void. , with cosmic consciousness, with the totality of everything that we will never be able to understand when you cut the rope that ties you to survival. You collapse before life as it happens to be one with that moment, there you release the big bang within you and allow the buddha nature to blossom from within you like a lotus flower blossom in a pond.
  12. Wisdom does not happen. Knowledge comes without knowing that it has come.
  13. We are here to live this life, just this, nothing more.

More key learnings in the Shaolin Temple Europe

In a few days, I will publish in this place a detailed report of what I have been collecting and integrating in the 5 days of the program. In addition to posting on the podcast and later on video on YouTube, the phenomenal interview with Shi Heng Yi, whom I can already refer to as “Shifu” (my teacher) in Self-Mastery, Kung Fu and Qi Gong (three ways of saying what same). The interview is the continuation of the first one we did. This time we decided to try something new. The server would ask in English, he would answer in English, and at the end of the answer, I would translate the question into Spanish, summarising it for Spanish speakers. This way, many more people can access the wisdom of this calibre. On the other hand, here is the Spanish summary of the first interview with Shi Heng Yi.

Here is the second interview and the second visit to Shaolin Temple Europe.