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Do the things that make you feel uncomfortable – Woody Mooers.

Ten days ago, I met Rodolfo on his birthday; he invited us to his anniversary party without knowing him (thanks, Ed). In the same place that night, I met Woody Moores, a true force of nature in many ways. A millennial with unlimited potential, that day we connected. Still, it was not until a week later that I learned more about this fascinating human being, who, at only 26 years old, possesses the wisdom of someone in his 50s.

We are training partners in Holistic High Performance; I work in his house and prepare his teams. To meet Woody is to meet one of the 2-4 people who impact you and stay in your life, in this case for many reasons, because of their spirit, attitude, mentality, self-discipline, self-awareness, initiative and predisposition. There is nothing that there is rejection or has not been exposed to since we holistically trained together.

Behind such a young person is a teacher of discomfort, an admirer of challenge, a student of risk, and passionate about going beyond. It is also among the most promising young entrepreneurs and consultants in the United States because of the business and its sensitivity, guts, and vulnerability.

Who is Woody Mooers?

Woody is the founder and CEO of Outpost—a person who specializes in the development of products with cannabinoids in infused format. Woody has had great success working in the cannabis and marijuana industry. Additionally, Woody is adept at cannabis extraction, isolation, and conversion and has worked as a consultant for some of the world’s leading cannabis companies. Woody Moores has in-depth knowledge of chromatographic cannabis-related applications, including potential testing, THC, pesticide, beauty and food applications, and more. Woody has the heart of an impact marketer, a business developer’s mindset, and the soul of a warrior of light.

Arousal must be more personalized and more internalized – Woody Mooers.

Disrupt Everything podcast # 145 – Woody Mooers, The Uncomfortable Man

Understanding plants has helped me understand people


Woody Mooers CBD, cannabis


Today’s new episode brings us closer to the figure, life, mentality, attitude and spirit of a truly unstoppable warrior of light, a disruptor in the strictest essence of him. Woody Mooers is a 26-year-old millennial who has become one of the leading Cannabis manufacturers in the United States. It is a vibrant interview covering various topics: leadership, entrepreneurship, self-discipline, nature, collaboration, teamwork, business development, the cannabis and cannabinoids industry, the role of mentors, experimentation and lifehacking.

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Index of contents

  1. What is Outpost?
  2. The milestones of a lifetime.
  3. How to love nature.
  4. Lessons from Greg Amery.
  5. Ed Bieber Learning.
  6. Lessons from Tim Dranning.
  7. The greatest discoveries experienced.
  8. What is the (personal) process to experiment?
  9. How to collaborate.
  10. Johnny Nguyen.
  11. The importance of mentors.
  12. Critical aspects of being a successful consultant.
  13. The best and most successful failure.
  14. The most expensive victory.
  15. The worst advice you’ve ever received.
  16. Cannabis, its power, what people need to know.
  17. Lessons as an entrepreneur and businessman.
  18. Leadership and team-building
  19. The great transformation.
  20. The three best habits.
  21. The essential skills.
  22. Rapid-fire questions.
  23. The owner.
  24. Nonrequested advice.
  25. Legacy.

Podcast Notes and Resources:

Give people the power to create.– Woody Mooers.


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