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When I was 11, I had my first computer. I remember falling in love with that piece of technology… I felt that a world full of potential opened before me… That was when I realized my life would never be the same again – Yossi Hasson.

The part I enjoy most, and where I find the highest value in recording an episode of the podcast every week, is how much I learn and grow in each interview. The following guest is a fantastic example of this, a new world technological scholar, someone I met in South Africa and with whom I have the opportunity to work in TechStars.

“Technology and entrepreneurship have been part of my life for more than 20 years”

Who is Yossi Hasson

I love the time I spent in front of a computer, even though I never loved the time I spent at school… I enter a state of flow … It’s the “Eureka moment – Yossi Hasson.

Yossi Hasson is a Techstars director of the Blockchain startup acceleration program. He is also an entrepreneur and Angel Investor.

Before joining TechStars, Yossi co-founded SYNAQ, a cloud security company for open-source email. After scaling it to a million users, the company was acquired by Dimension Data and awarded by Forbes as one of the “top” 20 best startups in Africa. In 2015 Yossi returned with WeThinkCode_, the first incubator of technological talent with free registration, where the mission is to train and develop the next hundred thousand African programs.

As a previous experience, Yossi directed the Barclays program/incubator in Cape Town, promoted by Techstars.

Yossi is also a founding partner of Onchain Capital, Africa’s most significant cryptocurrency investment fund.

“This is the formula I have for reinventing myself, the calculated decisions. And this is what I would like to do: go with the flow no matter what”

Yossi holds an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science regarding studies and training. In addition to teaching entrepreneurship and participating as a mentor in Endeavor, Yossi has appeared in media such as Entrepreneur, Acumen Magazine, Forbes Magazine, GQ and Techcentral.

Disrupt Everything – Yossi Hasson

“The first big moment of my life happened when I was a child and learned to program and be able to create something. Then, the ability to create sparked the imagination that anything could be possible “- Yossi Hasson.

This new episode is about technology, startup culture, disruptive innovation, leadership, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, scalable business, the Internet economy, change and entrepreneurship in its purest essence. All this from the hand of someone who knows how to do all this and more, Yossi Hasson, a prodigious mind, as you will discover when listening to the podcast. In this conversation with Yossi, we explore how Yossi has evolved, his projects, business, skills, and what he can contribute to the world and you.

“The problem we think we are going to solve is not necessarily the problem that other people have” – Yossi Hasson.


Yossi Hasson


“It’s hard to convince yourself that you’re going to do something just for 5 minutes” – Yossi Hasson.

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Content Index

  1. Passion for technology and entrepreneurship.
  2. Featured moments, outside and inside.
  3. SYNAQ and WeThinkCode_
  4. Working at TechStars.
  5. The first Blockchain accelerator: learnings and challenges.
  6. Challenges and obstacles in today’s startups and how to overcome them.
  7. What is it that makes a company stand out today?
  8. Blockchain: how to make the complicated simple.
  9. How to keep the pace of disruption. How Yossi Hasson reinvents himself.
  10. Rituals and secret routines.
  11. Core skills for any great entrepreneur.
  12. Singularity.
  13. Best practice to “raise” funds and gain traction.
  14. Why startups do not end up being financed.
  15. Tips to start a Blockchain project that works.
  16. We are going back in time.
  17. Personal recommendations
  18. Success, failure, new steps, future, and more.
  19. Final message.


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