/ Marketing.

If you are good at something, you can demonstrate what you have done through the outcome it produced. You should do it in the most insightful, creative, smart and honest way. Let me discard here the person who is doing marketing about what she/he says is doing, but not about what is actually doing. I’m not talking about the self-promotion marketing. I’m talking about if you work hard enough and then share the art that is embedded in your work, then, you are marketing my friend.

I reckon that you are marketing if you scent empathy and credibility. If you have an idea – project, harvest it and make it grow and expand, then, you are marketing.

You like people dance with you, believe in you, trust in your brand, you love that other persons make purchases based on your recommendations. I think you’d love to get a yes when you’re trying to date someone. You trust in finding a job that meets your needs. Are you with me? Then, marketing you are.

You spend your time in a way that your suppliers are best equipped, or that your customers have advantages that they can enjoy. I bet you’d like your team reaches the goals you expect them reaching. If you opt for a reward, I bet you’d like to win it. If you are working on standing out, I make no mistake, when I’m sure you are putting all your effort in achieving it.

You are marketing, sure

We are all doing marketing, every day. Very often, training/learning is the first area every business cuts off when budgets are really tight. The second area is marketing, something that we do, willingly or unwillingly, each day, Can you imagine how bad could this be?

We are doing marketing 60% of the time we think we’re not doing it.

We are all marketing, we’re all impact, we’re all change something, a little or a lot, but we do marketing. Most of us are dreadful in this kind of practices. Or even worse, we think that the most important reason why we fail comes from something inadequate. No, it’s only you’re not convicted that you are marketing.