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The adventure of life makes its way every day, and with it come complexities, obstacles, unexpected and unpredictable events and much more. If you add to that developing your product, doing your job with excellence, and enjoying the most of your leisure activities or passions, that will one day become in a business… And also maintaining and caring for your family, the mix becomes a job that requires some Holistic High-Performance super habits.

10 Holistic High-Performance super habits


10 holistic high-performance super habits by Isra Garcia


I have been in Tulum for a few days, training myself and other people holistically, that has made me think of some simple hacks so that you can combine these three crucial facets. This, meanwhile taking advantage of the potential that you can extract from your mind, your physique, your spirit and your emotions (Holistic High-Performance), that’s why I have put together the following 10 Holistic High-Performance super habits, they are simple and do not require any complexities:

1. Take a notepad with you

The best way of thinking and understanding the world comes through a pen and a notepad. Choose those breaks, for example, if you walk to the gym before starting the day, or if you travel by taxi or train.

You will have a greater skill not only to understand but to express and transmit.

Action – write, write as much as you can.

2. Daily exercise pushes your mental limits

Yoga, Crossfit, climbing, cycling, Qi Gong, running, etc. When we push the limits through physical and mental challenges… What we do is hack access to our subconscious mind, everything that has thrown you back 1,000 times changes and you get a new subconscious diagnosis. The physical part has to be the core of your Holistic High-Performance super habits.

Action – practice sports in small periods of time to activate yourself, something that is beyond your possibilities. Explosive priming is a good starting point.

3. Wake up before you have to

If your family wakes up at 8 am, get up at 6:30 am, if they wake up at 7 am, at 5:30 am, if they wake up at 9 am, then you have more margin…. This ensures that you will pave the way for them and you. Being able to have your time of reward and freedom before the day even begins.

Action – set the alarm clock and get up, and then fill the day with everything that does you the greatest possible good.

4. Optimal supplementation, probiotics and alkaline water

Embarking on the journey of these 10 Holistic High-Performance super habits means optimizing every opportunity for health, wellness, performance, strength and recovery, in all four dimensions.

Therefore, you will elevate your game by taking the supplementation you need, the right probiotics and using alkaline water. The super habit (or hack) is minimal, but the impact is maximum by being able to sustain your energy for more than 16 hours.

Action – contact a naturopath or nutritionist to help you sell what is optimal for you—unsolicited recommendation: Lou Mateos.

5. Evernote for audio (and text too)

How many times do you switch? How much do you move? And, how much time do you spend getting around, and how do you take advantage of it? Imagine that it is four times a day and it is between 15 and 30 minutes each time. This is a great opportunity to activate your mental, emotional and even spiritual work (with micro-meditations). And how to capture thoughts, feelings, ideas and conscious moments effectively? The audios in Evernote will help you get silver that you will later turn into gold when you transcribe it.

Action – leave social media, WhatsApp or other distractions, and use your commute time to create via audio, as if you were continually meeting with yourself.

6. Ultra-productive reading / listening / viewing

It matters little how many books, podcasts or videos you have read/listened to / watched, what matters is what you do with them. Consume less content and take advantage and squeeze much more of what you consume. That is, make an effort to read a page or two, and try to extract learning, solution, idea, lesson, trick or action for your personal or professional life from that content that you are consuming. Do it “micro” because you will not be able to digest so useful when you try this technique. In this way, every day, you will be taking action on new inputs. This will generate great traction, and you will feel how you reinvent yourself every day.

Action – one or two pages a day, one or two learnings to Apply. A video, something useful every 3 minutes. A podcast? One item of tangible value every 5/10 minutes.

7. Podcasts – optimized listening

Podcasts continue to be a potent tool, due to the versatility, practicality and frequency with which they arrive and can be listened to. The key is to have between one and five podcasts that serve as a source of value, and that you charge when you need something specific. You can also search the directory when looking for something specific.

The important thing is to force yourself to extract something practically every 10-20 minutes of listening. That’s what I have always done, and I have come up with ideas for marketing campaigns, new projects, levelling up my own podcast and learning (literally) hundreds of hacks new.

The ones I listen:

Make your own list with those who add more hacks to your Holistic High-Performance super habits.

8. Turn your day into a ritual

This is something powerful that will elevate the game of your Holistic High-Performance super habits, that I have done with the people I have been living in Tulum during these last two weeks. I’m talking about the Outpost brands and Highline Wellness teams. When someone lives with me (or I work on a project, or in an investment training or personal training or business), what I invite you is to ritualize the day together.

Several studies show that people who make their bed, meditate, take a cold shower, say thank you and write in the morning, live happier and are more productive (that’s what Ultraproductivity is all about). For you, it could be a daily practice with which to anchor your energy and mindset.

For example: in the morning, drink water, and various supplements such as this elixir, or a vegan protein shake or a superfood juice.

Meditate for 3-5 minutes each morning when you wake up, then do stillness, Yoga, Tai Chi, and some journaling.

Do not look for elaborate, long and heavy practices, but rather what gives you a spark of empowerment and positive energy. It’s just that.

9. Escape from infinite distraction (outside of notifications)

I think this will continue to be the order of the day, no matter how many times I refer to this hack. Disconnect all the notifications, noise and calls in your life. We already know what happens with multitasking. We’ve been neurologically reprogrammed to get a shot of dopamine every time the phone is turned on. We see the light or hear a sound and quickly lose our minds.

Well listen to this, I learned it trying to cage the Monkey Mind, the next time you know that this happens, realize that you have strayed from your task and lost concentration. The next thing that will happen is that you will spend several minutes in a state of low effectiveness, trying to shift your energy and focus from one thing to another without much or no success.

The only notification I receive is calendar notifications. No Facebook, no Instagram, no email, no calls or messages, I deleted WhatsApp in 2015. I have traded all those mini dopamine shots for a huge one when I check my email once a day, or every week or two, I check social media to respond and interact. And most surprisingly, in doing so, I have not lagged far behind in human progress.

10. Yes or no, what the hell

This is the fact, or theory: we must invest our time in the right energy for the right things, the ones that are aligned with our most intrinsic passions.
Easier said. If you can’t proclaim “to death, of course, yes” or “what the hell, yes” with a great vibration when an opportunity presents itself, think no more, it is a “no”.

Hacking yourself is a matter of changing, testing, experimenting, and challenging your own status quo. And the second step is to do it by covering the whole aspect of human potential.

What do you think of these 10 Holistic High-Performance Super Habits? I am working on some more that I will share shortly here.