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A few days ago, I reached 38 years mark. What a great gift to be here and to have arrived. I would never have bet I would arrive, so I am blessed and grateful. That is why to honour and remember this milestone, I have written about the 38 key life lessons that I take from each year that I have lived (synthesized version) …

38 key life lessons


38 key life lessons - the keys of Isra García


  1. Gratitude for being born in this time in history.
  2. Appreciation for the parents and family who have taken care of me.
  3. The ability to play with whatever comes your way.
  4. Feel the love the world gives you – and take it.
  5. Being able to develop oneself in a world full of opportunities.
  6. Have access to knowledge and use it to create a positive impact.
  7. Make the case just and necessary to external orders.
  8. Always seek for the other side.
  9. Make noise but always stopping before reaching the limit of the maximum allowed.
  10. Learn what is right and what is not, from integrity, from the instinct to do good.
  11. Go forward, not looking too far back or to the sides, but remember that there is a “back” and a “to the sides”.
  12. Be incorruptible in the way you think and act.
  13. Wanting to go a step further every time, every day.
  14. Growing up without being clear about how things work or what should you do when you grow up.
  15. Be willing to try and do what you want, without the fear of changing your position as many times as necessary.
  16. Understand that transformation is an intimate choice.
  17. Going against the rules often is not enough, you can (and should) create your own, and if it is not enough, create your own game.
  18. Strategy and tactics lead to success, if not short, medium and long, but you will get there.
  19. Deliberate intent beats talent.
  20. The initiative jumps to mediocrity.
  21. You can choose what you want; it is not that it is within your reach, but that it is in you. You are “it”.
  22. Deciding is not the important part, but taking action without having to stop to make that decision.
  23. Life is about opening one door, then two, then four, then eight, then sixteen, then thirty-two. And then sixty-four, then one hundred and twenty-eight (and on until you reach the infinite number), but remember, you can only open one at once. Well, don’t stop opening and entering doors.
  24. Unstoppable may be a myth, but not the person who acts like it. Whatever it is, always forward.
  25. No one is going to push you, push yourself – the same goes for picking you.
  26. It would help if you got out there – into the world – and lose yourself alone to then realize what you are (not who you are)
  27. Make anything happen, do, no matter how absurd, ridiculous or nonsense it is, do not get too attached to the result of what you do, do because that is your mission, do, later you will know what points to connect and how to connect them.
  28. Suppose you have doubts, love. If you are afraid, jump in. And if you don’t know, ask. And if you fail, try different.
  29. Life is a draft, and therefore also work, relationships, products or services, so experiment and prototype as much as you can.
  30. Only with self-discipline, you can walk the path of virtue, respect for your own life and the magnificence of your actions and commitments.
  31. Learning to see will help you see the world as it really is, people as they really are, you as you really are. When you open your eyes, you stop dreaming, and you are awake.
  32. Radically accept your judgments, those of the world, expectations, pain (necessary), suffering (optional), your inability to control everything you think you can control, what you do not know, your lack of love, complex … Accept everything, you are an imperfect work made by the universe (but remember who created you, human beings were originated from an initial Big Bang)
  33. Releasing from this trap called happiness, motivation, inspiration, passion, purpose, and success, has only one way out, absolute surrender.
  34. Measure the impact of your life for the love (talents, gifts, mastery, expertise, profession … But without the need for reciprocity or exchange) that you can give to anyone you meet on your way and how that creates a transformation that impacts others.
  35. The middle path is a path that cannot be followed because we are the path.
  36. Become a “nobody” and leave your name and forget your identity, your “me”.
  37. Play with duality, with good and evil, with emptiness and form, with better and worse, because it exists. You cannot be a Buddha all your life, but you can be a one minute Buddha. Get rid of everything that forces you to be in a different way than you are. It is not the attachment to our loved ones or death that torments us, but the attachment to ourselves, to “me” and more “me”.
  38. I don’t know.

Thank you for having contributed to these 38 key life lessons and all the ones that I have left. I couldn’t do it alone.

Anything is infinite, life, death, old age, what we know, what we understand, what we are, what we are not, what we have, what we do not have, where we have arrived, where we have not. So let’s allow time to originate itself, to emanate, to flow, to run, to radiate, just as the plants in a garden do. No matter how much we want them now, those plants will grow promptly, not according to our subjective will.

“If a man persisted in his madness, he would become wise” – William Blake.

The journey continues.

Do you any other insight to add to those 38 key life lessons?