/ Experiment.

Last July, I did my first session of what is known as Sound meditation. Authentic life experience in the hands of Alexandre Tannous, possibly the most recognized expert in this field.

When I finished, still disoriented and stunned, I wrote down my first impressions in a notebook.

Sound Meditation: impressions and reflections

What I share with you is what I wrote, such as:

  • There was a moment when space-time stopped; I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know what was happening, and I felt suspended in reality different from what we live in.
  • There were times when I was inside, where I was outside. Moments that I have been integrated with everything, others where I seemed to inhabit within nothing.
  • I have felt the incredible energy that came and left me. It was like an immense heat running through my body.
  • The mix between the sound, the frequencies, the impact of the music that entered your soul and rumbled everywhere. All this has been something indescribable. Something I can’t forget in my life. The sentences, despite being in another language, I felt as if I could understand them from beginning to end. I felt what each word meant, even though I didn’t understand the language since most of them were Arabs. I felt the love, the anger, the forgiveness, the repentance that came with words and music.
  • Listening to others tell the story of what happened (as I did with Valentino here), helps a lot, because it helps you to explain what you feel and can not describe.
  • I’ve been able to act as an observer, with my eyes open for most of the session. That allowed me to see “the trip” of my colleagues, about 20 people. It’s there when you discover that each person especially experiences this type of journey. Some better, others not so good.
  • My sensations: I have not felt pain, nor help, not fear. I have felt fullness, joy, a state of grace; it was peace, glory.
  • There was something that went inside me and stayed inside me. I was looking in the mirror for 3 or 4 minutes, but it seemed like hours. My mind, body, soul, emotions and I were one single being; there was no duality, we were the same thing. I remember each of the minutes lived; I have never been so present for so long. And I was in the moment, in a state of “flow.”
  • Suspended between the reality that I know and the one that was being created at that moment.
  • It is what alters your consciousness: the mix between what you call “flow” and the frequency of the sound that increases and enters your whole being, as well as the energy of each person.
  • I feel different, I don’t know in what sense, but I think something different from what I had before practicing this phenomenon called Sound Meditation.
  • While it is true that I experienced something similar, but even more intense in Afrika Burn because I had done two days of fasting. In addition to going with the idea of going into the depths.
  • In Afrika Burn I didn’t know where I was, here I have known where I was at all times. On this occasion, I decided to keep my eyes open and be connected with everything that was happening around me. Maybe it was that that has made it different and it has taken me in another direction. I’ve been awake, not so in and I have been more connected to what was around me. I’ve felt more compassion, empathy and at the same time attuned to the energy of other people.


Alexandre Tannous - Sound meditation


  • I think that in the next session of Sound Meditation, I’ll close myself up and see what happens then, although the following will be in a while, now I think it’s too early.
  • Let’s see what happens these days, let’s see how the game changes. I think in layers (experiences) that we make, layers that we discover because we are altering our consciousness. There are already a few experiences that I have lived. There are already many moments that I have taken. Now I have to digest this incredible Sound meditation experience.
  • I think these experiences help us unlock the subconscious. The more we experiment with it, the deeper we can get. We can feel more intense. I believe that the secret of these experiences is to live them from the absolute surrender. Don’t hold on, don’t repress, but let go and let yourself be swallowed by whatever it is that has to engulf you. And then, see where you’re going and what happens when you get there.
  • People don’t work on completing things out of fear of what might happen, but behind that fear is the door to discovery, that is what we need, to reach that discovery.
  • Let’s see if everything goes well, and I can draw more conclusions as I meditate, reconsidering and internalizing this that I have lived. It’s like shelling a pomegranate, little by little the pips come out every time with a bit more color and flavor.
  • I always think that our interior has a power that we have never imagined, it’s enormous. We have to throw ourselves and remove the bandage we have in the eyes of the soul. Jump into that void that Valentino talked about in the podcast. I think that people who are capable of living necessary experiences and throwing themselves headlong into the background are capable of absorbing five times more than someone who resists and does not allow themselves to be dragged.
  • My experience tells me that every life experience that alters your consciousness, unlocks your subconscious and makes you a little, not much, but a little wiser. That happens because you get to places where most don’t get to. That is a competitive advantage for yourself, and for others because, in the end, you end up sharing what you know to help others grow and be better. That is a basis of human potential.
  • I found something unexpected. I would have taken something more significant than I thought I would look for. Even if it had ended without the Sound Meditation session. That epiphany arrived thanks to the incredible genius, and this time I can use the words “genius” and “incredible” with all its extension and greatness, of Alexandre Tannous. He who explained, with facts and data, that specialization kills the genius of people. Mainly because they focus on one thing, they don’t see further on, and they shorten their reach.
  • That’s when they never get to see all the unlimited potential they have and can come to possess. It is just something that was always a significant weakness in me. Because I have not had a marked specialization (apart from my marketing and digital marketing), I have not been able to focus on something I knew how to do substantially well. Besides not being able to focus on one thing, I have always been too curious to explore everything that has come to me.
  • Consistently and unconsciously, I started to follow that path. Today my life is an experiment, in every sense, I never stop trying new things, things I don’t understand, things I shouldn’t do, things I don’t know how to do, things I can’t understand. Things that have nothing to do with me, random things, absurd things, ridiculous things. Better ideas, worse, but I try to do everything; I want to improve in everything, I want to understand everything, I want to experiment with everything. And there it is, according to Alexandre’s words, the real human potential. Something that gives meaning to the state of growth, learning, and fulfillment that I have been living for some time, and that does not stop spreading to all sides.

It is a sample of what we lived in Sound Meditation, both in the message and in sensations: