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isra garcia- human mediaI’m finally launching my International blog: isragarcia.com.

I’m working with Oana Damian (Occasional guest posts and fluency quality control), Vicente Mora from Pim Pam Estudio (Design and creativity) and Dámaso González from Circulorojo (Web development, integration and implementation) A bunch of worldwide professionals will also join me along the path, it will be an exciting experience! Thanks to all of them for bearing with me.

I’ll be focusing on New Media, Human Business Interactions and what’s beyond Social Media and the Social Web, I’ll be talking about Human Media and how brands, people and organizations thrive harnessing the power of human media.

I had something to say to the entire world, this is why I’ve created isragarcia.com. I’ve built this platform for helping people and businesses to understand Human Media: The New Media. Thus, how human interactions are the key for the future success of businesses and brands.

I started following a map years ago – and I’m very happy to see where it has brought me. All is connected and has to do with my new role as international advisor.

The meaning lies where’s no sense.

  • Toda la suerte en el camino, te deseo lo mejor, amigo! Deseando ver el nacimiento de Human Media! Abrazo!

    • Gracias, de corazu00f3n, gracias. Se que algo va a pasar, tener a gente como vosotros a mi lado, me da fuerzas! (ups, should be this in English?…)

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Thatu00b4s simply amazing Isra! Just keep on doing the way you use to do and weu00b4ll be shocked with everything you do, as always. Itu00b4s so exciting see how a great guy becomes bigger, because world donu00b4t know yet what kind of masterpieces is gonna see pretty soon. Making things happens, around the world, will start with Isra Garcu00eda, for sure. Changes start in 3, 2, 1, …

    • Thanks Aitor. We’ll make something happen, when your do from the heart, nothing else matters.u00a0