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You have to love it, what do you love it so bad you won’t stop? – Dandapani.

The first time I found out about Dandapani was through London Real. The second time in his TEDx Talk, and the third when he was suggested by one of the participants of the Ultraproductivity Student Group as a possible candidate to be interviewed in the podcast.

So with such a meteorous experience, a life full of disruption, transformation and reinvention and such a single and different work, the best he could do was get the opportunity to interview him. And we arrived at Marilyn, Dandapani’s Project Manager, who has been a key piece to make possible the encounter (thanks).

Who is Dandapani?

I only have one chance and I want it to be great

Dandapani is a Hindu priest and businessman who was a monk for 10 years. After graduating from college with a title in electrical engineering, he left everything to become a Hindu monk under the guidance of one of the most important spiritual leaders of our times, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. For 10 years, he lived a life of training and serious personal discipline in Hawaii in his Guru monastery.

When his vows expired, he decided to venture into the world, making New York his home. Since then, he works with entrepreneurs and some of the best athletes in the world to help them understand and take advantage of their mind so that they can be the best in what they do. He does it by giving them power with tools and teachings that have been used by the Hindu monks of their tradition for thousands of years. Among its clients are Fortress Investment Group, Iconiq, McKinsey, Ribbit Capital, Red Ventures, Sprinklr, Nike, Trivago, Amex, Red Bull and more.

We are not trained on how to live life” – Dandapani.

Right now, he and his wife are creating a spiritual sanctuary and 33-acre botanical garden to promote the mission, called Siva Ashram, in Costa Rica.

In the interview with Dandapani, you will find the true power of the mind, as he himself ceases to manifest and preaches with the example.

I love my life, my daughter and my wife, so I need to be more disciplined with myself to give them more time

Disrupt Everything Podcast – Dandapani

If you do not understand how the mind works, how are you going to control it?


Dandapani podcast interview isra garcia - Interview with Dandapani about unstoppable mentality and unbreakable approach


A new episode where I interviewed Dandapani, Hindu priest, entrepreneur, former monk and high-performance professional, a conversation about the art of building an unstoppable mentality through the separation of mind and consciousness, and unwavering approach, will power and self-discipline, implacable determination and self-control. Here we analyzed the most successful habits, routines, tricks, tools and strategies of Dandapani to optimize mind and emotions.

I understand that I am learning, and that is what it is going to take time, even more than one life – Dandapani.

Listen here:

Index of contents

  1. Highlights
  2. The common denominator between entrepreneurship, Hindu wisdom and monastic life.
  3. The deepest and striking teachings he received from his Guru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.
  4. Initial steps to create an unstoppable mind.
  5. How to avoid distractions, concentrate and gain willpower.
  6. A 10-year term formation of discipline as Hindu monk.
  7. Best findings to calm the mind.
  8. Tricks and optimizations.
  9. How can we be the best in what we do?
  10. Best practices to take advantage of our maximum potential.
  11. The Golden Rules of Dandapani for a great life.
  12. How to be yourself when nobody knows what “yourself” means.
  13. Some of the most consistent habits
  14. Quickfire questions.
  15. Final message.

Podcast notes and resources

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Nobody wants to do the hard work– Dandapani.


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