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Surrender is proportional to the amount of security and trust you offer – Ian-Michael Hébert.

In Costa Rica, I heard about Ian when training Edward Zaydelman in Holistic High-Performance in February. Ed, who knew him and had interviewed him, spoke to me fascinated about his great expertise in holistic healing and therapies, as well as his great art in designing sustainable spaces taking advantage of the properties and attributes of nature, and his great and extensive experience as a guide. And therapist in psychedelic experiences. Without a doubt, a new disruptor to interview.

I wrote down his name, and a few weeks later, we contacted Ian-Michael Hébert to explore the possibility of interviewing him for the podcast.

One of the great tragedies of the moment is that some languages ​​and cultures are being lost

Who is Ian-Michael Hébert

There is a threshold where there is no ‘self’ (ego) and that is where people get lost. Instead, that’s where I like to flirt, although everyone becomes very weird

Ian-Michael is co-founder of Holos, an organization that creates holistic retreats and communities, being the first in Costa Rica. Born in Alaska, Ian-Michael was a project director at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, holds a Master’s in Mediation Psychology and Community Mental Health from the Institute for Comprehensive Studies in California, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Eco-Design and Development. Ian-Michael Hébert has also assisted in the expansion of Chena Hot Springs, the Center for Ecological Living & Learning, IONS, Kinkara, and other companies. In addition, he is applying the principles of eco-psychology and biomimicry in the development of Holos Diamante, a micro-town in the Diamante Valley in Costa Rica.

Ian-Michael works on the development of local wisdom and the elemental forces of the earth.

There are people who work with psilocybin in a scientific and ancestral way” – Ian-Michael Hébert.

He is a member of the Canadian Association of Psychedelics. He is a creator, designer, guide, facilitator, therapist, and leader.

Besides this, he has been guiding and facilitating transformational processes for individuals and groups for 18 years through presence, authenticity, and connection. Ian-Michael dedicates his life to creating spaces for that transformation in people, organizations and society.

Ian-Michael Hébert – Disrupt Everything podcast #175

What is the nature of fear? Why is it so connected to us?


Interview with Ian-Michael Hébert about holistic healing and psychedelics


Interview with Ian-Michael Hébert, holistic leader, facilitator in human potential development processes and sustainable designer. A conversation about holistic healing, transformation processes, generating spaces of trust and security, the art of surrender, catalyzing and awakening consciousness, well-being, sustainable living, psychedelic life experiences, the impact of psilocybin, the link between the ancestral, the ceremonial and rituals, key life lessons, alternative therapies, connecting with nature, dealing with fear, and more.

Know where you are” – Ian-Michael Hébert.

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Index of contents

  1. Key moments.
  2. Discoveries guiding transformational processes.
  3. How to build an environment of security and trust.
  4. Tools to catalyze and awaken consciousness.
  5. Best practices in healing.
  6. About psilocybin.
  7. How to create deep and lasting well-being.
  8. Starting again.
  9. Alternative therapies and holistic activations.
  10. Psychedelic experiences.
  11. Harder moments.
  12. Greater successes.
  13. Deeper flaws.
  14. The formula for Ian.
  15. Best and worst tips.

Podcast show-notes

Here are the resources and links of interest shared in the podcast:

We protect what we love – Ian-Michael Hébert.

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