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Writing is thinking and rethinking everything – David Perell.

Isra Garcia interviews young internet genius, entrepreneur, and educator David Perell about the art of building communities through online writing and creating and maximizing ideas that matter to people. It’s a conversation about mastering writing in its many forms and integrating everyday life to gain practical wisdom that can be applied to businesses, communities, and individuals.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is how often we separate the body from the mind.”

Who is David Perell

When you write, you find people you will never find in your life” – David Perell.

David Perrell runs a writing School called Write of Passage, a 5-weeks online course s of intense instruction, where David gives hundreds of students the tools to publish their ideas, build an online audience, and accelerate their careers.

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He’s a prolific writer; his essays cross between travel, culture, media, marketing, and technology. Nevertheless, most of his writings orbit around our relationship with information, especially how we make sense of the world by consuming ideas.

I don’t think writing is my gift; the reason I do this is that I’m not good at it

David is an expert in publishing high-quality content, discovering strengths, communicating effectively and transparently, and building a personal monopoly online.

Disrupt everything podcast – David Perell on why writing is integrating heaven on earth

Opportunities are often created

Isra Garcia interviews David Perell on the art and science and success of online writing

This podcast tells the story of a 28-year-old internet scholar, podcaster, and Twitter influencer named David Perell. He is on a quest to serve and provide value by harnessing the power of writing and reading to build powerful ideas and compelling content pieces like essays, guides, white papers or tweets.

I get a lot of value for walking and going to the gym– David Perell

Listen here:

I take a lot of naps, this helps me to stay fresh and in a great state of mind

Interview main topics

  1. How is David feeling right now?
  2. The power of written integration.
  3. The more we write…
  4. Major highlights and life milestones.
  5. The opportunity David is most proud of.
  6. Awareness techniques.
  7. Training in writing and writing systems and processes.
  8. How to be disciplined and write effectively.
  9. Zero-to-hero strategy and tactics when typing online.
  10. How to walk the virtuous path.
  11. Top tips for writing clearly.
  12. David’s system for taking notes.
  13. Stay focused when writing.
  14. What are your “must read” books in his favourite disciplines?
  15. Morning and night routines followed by David Perell.
  16. David’s best lifesaving device yet.
  17. How David deals with stress.
  18. David’s mechanisms for working, living and enjoying life as much as possible.
  19. Three/four tools are irreplaceable in David’s lifestyle.
  20. What David thinks about sacred principles or untouchable beliefs.
  21. Rapid-fire questions.

I have a burst of clarity and try to capture as many ideas as I can” – David Perell

Vídeo interview with David Perell

Here’s the video interview with subtitles too:

Isra Garcia interviews David Perell about writing online to get your life off the ground

Have the courage to attract and repel people in your community. When in doubt, kick them out of your community

Podcast show notes

Find links, resources and people discussed in the interview with David Perell:

Go out, give it out all and then come back in a state of deep relaxation. Have a Usain Bolt approach to excellence” – David Perell

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