/ High-Performance.

We live in a world where almost everyone can enhance their physical capabilities until reaching a PRO level. Where almost everyone can rewire their brain so it can redesign behavioral patterns and exceed in whatever they want. Where almost everyone can retrain their emotional intelligence and live happier. Where almost everyone is able to take care of his soul and grow spiritually and even become a master guru. I’m talking about high-performance, and of course, It’s no cost-free, but one tool that can help is DeRose Method.

We have access to all tools, professionals, resources, and techniques we need. We have time. The cost of failing in a disruptive economy is close to zero. Additionally, we’re more capable than ever, in less time, with less effort. So we all can reach our high-performance, the balance between the for human dimensions: intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional.

High-performance for everyday life: DeRose Method


I was in Manhattan two weeks ago, preparing Stand OUT Program New York and working in my new book about this topic. I was with my partner, Ricardo Soares, teacher specialized on DeRose Method and high-performance training, and co-founder of Brain Academy. Then, I decided to shot an interview so he could explain how to start working on your methodology through DeRose Method for being a high-performer.