/ Disruption.

Disruption doesn’t occur on Conan O’Brien’s show.

It sometimes happens when you try something for the very first time.

Disruption happens when you launch a ton of bad ideas.

It happens when somebody is eager to enchant a well-defined micro-segment.

Disruption hates the status quo, expectations, procrastination and the fear of losing. But, above all, disruption fights against “average”. It goes beyond the hype to create something nobody thought would be possible.

Disruption doesn’t happen, and the comfort nor the safety zone. Disruption, true disruption, happens at the edges, out of the limb.

Disruption occurs when contradictions collide when utopia becomes real.

Disruption doesn’t necessarily mean technology or innovation. It means breaking patterns and interrupting the way things are done.

Disruption is an excellent tool for disrupting your business or yourself.

Disruption happens because our ego propels us. It increases its impact when it’s shared.

Disruption spaces from the experts and resonates with doers. The intent with purpose is the key.

Disruption is not rare, but we’ve been brainwashed to believe that only a few can be the disruptive ones, the chosen ones.

Disruption often comes from noticing things that most people don’t.

Disruption means considering approaches that the majority can’t even think of.

Disruption comes during and after experimenting.

Disruption doesn’t belong uniquely to scientists, engineers, visionary geniuses or Silicon Valley folks. It belongs to anyone willing to pursue it.

Disruption is being decentralized by brave and bold individuals.

Disruption doesn’t need ID, passports or credit cards. Instead, it takes whatever it wants with a great deal of authority.

Disruption could be a way of life, work and doing business.

There won’t be forward motion without disruption because we won’t have the audacity.

No disruption, no disruptive economy, and that’s a bad thing. So let’s make disruption our asset.