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When you train the virtues of the mind you become a different person – more sensitive, compassionate, less violent, focused and ultimately, much better prepared to live a better life – Dr Daniel Brown.

When I was finishing the interview with Yossi Hasson, I asked him, “Who would you recommend interviewing in one of the next episodes?” without hesitation, he said, “Dr Daniel Brown. He is one of the greatest synthesisers of Western psychology with Oriental tradition. He is one of the most interesting people I’ve met recently.”
“Oriental cultures emphasise things about life.”

Today I can say that Yossi was not mistaken at the end of the interview. I contacted his partner Jock Gordon, and we began to prepare for the interview with Dr Daniel Brown. A true mind expert from different approaches with a meteoric professional and personal trajectory. A professor in awakening and states of consciousness and concentration (flow), where the word “advanced” doesn’t say enough.

Who is Dr Daniel Brown

If we have the ability to reflect on our own state, we can see more clearly

To summarise just a glimpse of Brown’s trajectory:

  • Associate clinical professor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, where he has worked for more than 38 years.
  • He’s the author of 24 books and the winner of the 1999 Guttmacher Award from the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry & Law. It’s an award given for his outstanding contribution to forensic psychiatry.
  • He has testified in over 200 child abuse cases as an expert witness.
  • He has participated as an expert witness for prosecutors in the International War Crimes Tribunal, helping them establish a standard of evidence for victims of war atrocities.
  • As a senior meditation master, he has learned from the best Indo-Tibetan Bön and Buddhist lamas for more than 48 years, including lineages of some of the most outstanding Buddhist schools.
  • He’s co-founder of The Attachment Project based on the foundations of his award-winning book: Attachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair.
  • Winner of the (ISSTD) Pierre Janet Writing Award 2018 for the Three Pillars treatment approach
  • Creator of the three-pillar method MindOnly – a mental health online learning platform.

This is just a summary of outstanding milestones from his extensive career. Here you can read the rest.

When we are insecure, we are less likely to collaborate, to relate, to be present, but all of that can be trained.

Disrupt Everything podcast #114 – Dr Daniel Brown

dr daniel brown - excellence performanceIf you meditate without a guide, you might be thinking about what you are doing

This new episode is an interview (in English) that revolves around a central idea, maximum performance and psychological development. It’s a 2-hour masterclass with Dr Daniel Brown on healthy relationships, performance excellence, the power of the mind, and how we can harness human potential through understanding and mastering our reason and meditative states.

I’ve never known someone to know so much about the human mind and Buddhist and Tibetan traditions. The incredible power of the mind led to its maximum performance.

Use awareness in what you do






Listen here:

When we make important decisions that affect others, we feel alone, and we can’t tell others how we feel – Dr Daniel Brown.

Index of contents

  1. Milestones and events.
  2. The vital learning
  3. Excellence performance and maximum performance.
  4. Awakening and attachment.
  5. Experiments with LSD in the 60s / 70s.
  6. Concentration training, focus and science of Flow.
  7. Emotionally broken.
  8. Meditation.
  9. The Bön tradition.
  10. The big challenge.
  11. The following steps.
  12. Routines and rituals.
  13. Quickfire questions.
  14. It’s personal.


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