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You are your best healer – Edward Zaydelman.

Several weeks ago, I arrived in Costa Rica. The second time I visited this country, was in 2014, a lightning trip to participate in the Do Lectures Costa Rica conferences with the talk “pick yourself”. The host organizing the event is the same that I interviewed today in the podcast, and it’s for the second time, Edward Zaydelman. This same person has also influenced me to this new visit to the country. We worked for a week in Zunya, Santa Teresa, in a holistic high-performance program, “1: 1”, custom-made for Ed.

Stop putting people on a pedestal

The experience of being together again after so long was fantastic and interesting. I tell you that we were together for almost 24 hours a day in these programs, where I also do not leave to breathe, just a break, barely intimacy or tranquillity, if it is not that it comes in our training. Well, Edward not only completed the full training, but he was one of the people who have best adapted and taken advantage of this program. Especially if we take into account that Edward Zaydelman could be the teacher more than the student.

A Master of Life: Edward Zaydelman

Take responsibility and be your own teacher

It was such the mastery of Edward in what is called beginner’s mind (or white belt mentality) that I proposed to record a new podcast together (after we already did in 2018), but this time in English. This time exploring the deep knowledge that Edward has acquired on optimal performance, integration, practical wisdom, and creating a sustainable life experience and maximizing his learning, growth and personal development capabilities.

Ed Zaydelman is also a teacher on integrating how valuable we live daily in our life and work. That besides perfectly handling various high-performance tools. After the experience we have lived together, I wanted to extract the genius that leads to this new podcast.

Disrupt Everything Podcast – Edward Zaydelman

Successful people do not go in victim mode


Edward zaydelman master-apprentice


This new episode brings the interview with Edward Zaydelman, deconstructing a learning teacher, a specialist in dominating the beginner’s mentality that progresses, an exemplary student in self-domain and self-knowledge subjects. It is a conversation that pivots on holistic high-performance, the best ideas extracted from the best practitioners, healers and coaches, how to maximize the art of journaling, act on the optimal, psychedelic threshold, and the power of integration, as well as share new forms of sustainable living. Ed is the first person with whom I converse for the second time in the podcast.

The best teachers do not need to teach

Index of contents

  1. Highlights from 2018 onwards.
  2. Some of the ideas that have helped him the most.
  3. The best strategies of the best practitioners and “Healers”.
  4. Successful behaviours and patterns.
  5. People who have impacted Ed’s life.
  6. Journaling – best practices and essential steps.
  7. Holistic high-performance.
  8. Psychedelic: Impact and discoveries.
  9. The best integration practices.
  10. Nookleo – Live sustainably.
  11. Final message.

Resources and notes of the podcast

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All my life has been based on trying convicing others that I am good, and now I do not need it anymore – Edward Zaydelman.

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