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Don’t complain, don’t explain – Frank Blake

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to hear Frank Blake on the Tim Ferris podcast. ¡What an extraordinary, human and excellent man! Sometime later, I received an email from my great friend, Tim West (you can listen to his podcast here), introducing me to someone I should know and connect with; that person was Frank himself.

From that moment on, we were building a profile of each one online. So we arranged to interview each other in New York in January 2019. However, unfortunately, there was a massive snowstorm on the same day of the meeting, and everything came to a standstill in the Big Apple, including our interviews. So we let it pass for a future occasion, well, that day is today.

Who is Frank Blake

The thing that gives you joy is just that, supporting others


Frank Blake about leadership lessons


Frank has been a manager of The Home Depot from January 2007 to November 2014, then as president until January 2015. His career in the giant home warehouse began in 2002 as executive vice president, business development. And also for corporate operations.

Previously, Frank Blake served as the deputy secretary of the United States Department of Energy. Before that, he was with General Electric in various executive roles, including senior vice president, corporate business development, and reporting closely with Jack Welch.

Frank’s experience in the public sector includes serving as General Counsel to the US Environmental Protection Agency and serving as Deputy Counsel to Vice President George Bush (Sr.) and Secretary of Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court.

I didn’t learn a single damn thing in college

Frank now sits on the board of directors for the Georgia Aquarium, Procter & Gamble and Macy’s. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Delta Air Lines. And additionally. Frank is also active on the Agnes Scott College Trust Council. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in jurisprudence from Columbia University School of Law.

At the most creative part of it, Frank Blake is the co-creator and host of the “Crazy Good Turns” podcast, a space where inspiring stories are told about people doing extraordinary things for others. Then, as if that were not enough, showing off his status as an agent of change, he creates social impact movements designed to help those in need.

Disrupt Everything podcast – Frank Blake on legendary leadership

You get what you celebrate

Interview with the iconic Frank Blake, he was CEO and president at The Home Depot, he worked in senior positions for the United States Government. A world-class disruptor who has led and blazed trails in uncertain times, showing true mastery in the art of making people more successful and happy and, therefore, the companies they represent. Frank had worked closely with George Bush (Sr.) when he was Vice President and Jack Welch at General Electric, reporting directly to him.


This is Frank Blake podcast interview with Isra Garcia


This podcast contains a conversation that revolves around essential leadership, functional management, emotional intelligence and persuasion, human excellence, commitment, celebrating the good deeds of others, reaching true success, overcoming crises, dancing with uncertainty, storytelling and owning a desirable attitude.

We need to continually reinvent ourselves – Frank blake

Listen here:

Index of contents

  1. Most memorable highlights.
  2. The most significant learnings from the most critical moments.
  3. Relevant events in business.
  4. Key lessons in management.
  5. Start-ups and leading the way.
  6. Do good and celebrate the successes of others.
  7. How to dance with uncertainty.
  8. Lessons in persuasion.
  9. Differences between leading a company yesterday and doing it today.
  10. Overcome the crisis and turn it into opportunity.
  11. Moments to be proud of.
  12. Great challenges.
  13. The most economical failure.
  14. Costly successes.
  15. Hard failures.
  16. Valuable skills.
  17. Frank’s daily routine.
  18. Life advise.

Podcast show-notes

Resources and links of interest discussed in the episode with Frank Blake:

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