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It all starts from my own healing – Robin Sharma.

Robin Sharma is arguably one of the greatest leadership experts in the world. In addition to being one of the greatest writers now alive, behind him more than 15 million books sold worldwide, known worldwide for The Monk who Sold his Ferrari.

Paulo Coello claims that Robin’s books help people live great lives. His humanitarian work transcends the borders of half the world, Founder of the Robin Sharma Foundation, where he helps children to live better. He has worked for the top Fortune 100 companies, the world’s most sought-after millionaires, as well as iconic athletes, great leaders, and royalty.

He has recently published his last work, The 5 AM Club, a book that he has worked on for the last 4 years, becoming the # 1 launch on Amazon and Bestseller worldwide almost instantly. Other books he has published include The Greatness Guide and the Leader Who Had No Charge and the first of his works, Megaliving.

I am very loyal to my rituals

Forbes lists him as the living legend of leadership. CNN as a global humanitarian. Times of India says his teachings can be measured against those of the Dalai Lama.

Robin has been addressing large audiences for more than 20 years, almost as long as he has built an epic life around self-discipline and self-awareness.

Without the human being, you will not be able to be a great human who does – Robin Sharma.

I had been holding this conversation for about 6 months, and it is a real privilege for me to be able to spend some time with Robin Sharma asking and learning about his life, his professional career, the most determining super habits, decisive core skills, personal and professional hacks, anecdotes and experiences transformations.

Nobody will believe in you until you believe in you first

Robin Sharma – Disrupt Everything podcast

Philosophy without methodology is an empty victory

In this new episode of Disrupt Everything I interview Robin Sharma, one of the few people I know who could come to hold the nickname of Guru with merit, and merit. A person who has impacted millions of lives around the planet. In the conversation, Robin tells us his personal and professional secrets, his best strategies and tactics to have that mentality, attitude and unstoppable spirit, and dissects a good part of his method at the 5 AM Club.


Robin Sharma interview


Most people are not well prepared – Robin Sharma.

Index of contents

  1. Vital moments and professional highlights.
  2. Train your art and improve it day by day.
  3. The cycles of high excellence and the cycles of deep recovery.
  4. The best conclusions from the book Megaliving.
  5. The best learnings for Robin Sharma from writing and publishing The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.
  6. The most successful tricks from The Greatness Guide book.
  7. The 5 AM Club.
  8. 4 years working on excellence.
  9. The core of an effective routine.
  10. Robin’s morning ritual.
  11. 20/20/20 formula
  12. Disruptive ideas that will transform your life.
  13. The 4 inner empires.
  14. How to take the initiative in uncertain times and how to lead amid chaos.
  15. Living in peace and prosperity.
  16. Final message.

When you show your maximum creativity you will end up exhausted

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