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An essential part of my life and work is how to learn and grow every day. Today I have six strategies that help me achieve it

How to learn and grow every day

1. Plan the lesson that I’m looking for

That allows me to think carefully about what I want to learn. The goals are not only for what I want to achieve. I also want to have goals for what I want to learn.

2. Deliberate practice

Instead of doing things automatically and not improving, what I do here is apply the principles of intentional (and conscious) training so that you can continually improve. It means taking actions such as pausing and reflecting on the progress of my business and the results of my work. Or create a daily space of time both to improve my core skills and to integrate new super habits in my high-performance algorithm.

3. Ruminate

This technique helps me get more perspective on the assimilation of new ideas and the lessons I’ve learned. It also helps me detect those palpitations or instincts that produce new projects, experiments, businesses, services or improvements in what I do. Walking on the beach or in a park while talking to myself out loud (with headphones on) is an excellent way to process those insights. I’m not the first to discover this, apparently, from Beethoven and Charles Darwin to Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey or Peter Diamandis. Another way to do it is through conversations with thick and very reflective people.

how to learn and grow every day

4. Learning time

It includes activities such as reading, talking (even with yourself), participating in something like Hatch, Echo or SOP, observing other people or traveling.

5. Solve problems as soon as they appear

When problems appear during the day, we usually sweep them under the carpet and continue as if nothing with our work. Owning a blank space creates that space needed to locate small problems and solve them before they become large. The same goes for decisions.

6. Experiments

I perform small tests almost monthly, which seek potential rewards in my intellect, emotions, spirit, and greeting. The most provocative for me is that whether the experiment works or not is an opportunity to learn something valuable and also be a testing ground for my ideas.

How to learn and grow every day is a matter of insistence and initiative, primarily. The rest, if you look for it, finds you.