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«Do the right thing even if it is the difficult path… the universe will reward you later« – Juan Romera.

This conversation explores greatness, biohacking, psychedelics, productivity hacks, intelligence and authenticity, shedding the weight of one’s identity, peak performance habits, and living a self-examined life. It’s also about letting virtue lead the way, making honest, decent and effective sales, becoming great by making others great first, practising boldness and learning the art of winning people over.

Juan Romera: the friend of greatness, down-to-earth biohacking, letting virtue guide the way, making honest, decent and effective sales, becoming great by making others great first, practising audacity and the art of winning people – podcast #232

Who is Juan Romera?

«I no longer want to live in the grey area. Stay out of the grey zone. «

Juan Romera: el amigo de la grandeza, el biohacking con los pies en la tierra, dejar que la virtud guíe el camino, hacer ventas honestas, decentes y efectivas, volverse grande haciendo que otros sean grandes primero, practicar la audacia y el arte de ganar personas - podcast #232


Juan has more than 15 years of experience in finance and technology. He graduated from Dartmouth College before beginning his career as a consultant at PwC. He moved to Barclays in the investment banking division in New York and then to Merrill Lynch, structuring financial derivatives and advising Fortune 500 companies.

«At night, I slow down and have 30 minutes to reflect and act accordingly the next day

Juan left Wall Street in 2016 to seek more profound meaning and positive impact. He spent 18 months in Berlin, Mexico City and Cape Town, consulting and advising early-stage companies while exploring the world and himself. He had the opportunity to work as a business associate at Techstars Fintech Accelerator to advise Fintech startups, where he then joined Abe.ai, a Techstars company, as Head of Business Development. Juan helped grow, sold the company in 2019 and then worked with the acquirer. In 2022, Juan founded Afelio, a wellness solution for employees.

Disrupt Everything podcast – Juan Romera.

«The relationship with your father will have an impact on you that you will not recognize until much later» – Juan Romera.

This is Juan Romera, entrepreneur, biohacker, networking specialist and born leader


Isra García interviews Juan Romera, a born leader and catalyst of human potential, about how to build meaningful and impactful interactions, network in a way that truly makes a difference, make honest, dignified and, at the same time, effective sales, be a great human being highlighting and contributing greatness to others. It is a conversation about living a virtuous life, creating excellence as a moral act, and giving one’s best for the good of others.

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«I am constantly in a state of observation. I always pay attention to the small details«

Index of contents – and what you will learn in this episode:

  1. Why Juan has started his own business, an employee wellness program.
  2. Juan’s most impressive practices.
  3. His daily meditative practice.
  4. Milestones of life.
  5. How to be an intelligent boy.
  6. How to approach people in a very successful way.
  7. How Juan Romera brings out the best in people.
  8. “Canned phrases” to honestly win over people used by Juan.
  9. How to get rid of awkwardness when connecting with someone.
  10. Juan details “how to be you.”
  11. How Juan Romera has changed his habits.
  12. The top performance tricks that have impressed Juan the most: mind, body, heart and spirit.
  13. Juan shares the most useful of his applications.
  14. Recommended books he is reading right now.
  15. The way to be an optimistic person and why.
  16. Three great things he learned from his father and the best advice he gave him.
  17. Advice for children about their parents and vice versa.
  18. Fundamental values and principles.
  19. How to make sales in a dignified and effective way.
  20. How Juan leads a self-examined life.
  21. His experience with psilocybin.
  22. Essential practices before, during and after a psychedelic experience.
  23. Juan’s top 3 productivity tricks.

«All my rigid patterns have disappeared thanks to psilocybin« -Juan Romera.

Podcast Notes and Resources

Here, you will find the links, people mentioned, exciting things, tools, applications, books, and podcasts that Juan comments on in the episode:

«How to be happy again presupposes that being happy is “normal”, and it is not« -Juan Romera.

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