/ Marketing.

It’s not your marketing…

If you believe in your own work, then show it. If not, improve it until you do believe, it’s a matter of trying with meaning.

If you believe in your own message, share it, it’s easy, it will spread like gunpowder. If you don’t, then you’re screwed. You’d better shut your mouth and look for your story, what it brought you here, how you made it, what principles you followed.

If you believe in your product, it’s the time to launch it, now, put all your resources in it. If you believe and the people that work with you too, you’ll have done the hardest part. If you don’t believe in your product, it’s a clear message that something is not working. Perhaps it’s not useful, it doesn’t enchant customer, maybe it doesn’t match any need, or it is not well designed. Rethink your product until it’s aligned with your gut.

If you believe in your service, deliver it for free (for a shortchanged period of time), make sure it reaches all your potential customers, cajole them with your art. If you don’t believe (in your service), perhaps it’s not the service you should flag, or it’s possible that you’ve come up with this service only for making money, not for delighting your customers.

It’s not about your work, message, product or service. It never was, this is why you’re now out of the game.

Marketing that works means delivering something with purpose, delivering it for the right people in the right moment. This type of marketing will stand out from everyone else and will need no ornament.

It will always work.