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When we play the blues, we are trying to touch the truth about yourself in that very moment – Tim Lerch.

At the end of October, while I was in Tulum, I interviewed the great Zen master Soeng Hyang, who recommended interviewing Tim Lerch; I said yes to the recommendation and the contact without hesitation or questioning. I didn’t know who this man was until then, but I discovered a new sage and disruptor a week later. A person who overflows with the true essence that resides in human nature. Full of compassion, kindness, empathy and serenity. A Zen teacher and a world-renowned blues and jazz guitarist with a truly enriching outlook on life.

I am an improviser.”

The interview is how he explains jazz, a celebration of joy, but also wisdom, equanimity and honesty. It is clear how Zen aligns our lives and how through music, one can find not only the true essence of oneself, without the beauty of a life outside the conception of what we understand as real life.

Tim Lerch – letting go of what we understand as life

I am here to share joy, in the broadest sense of that, to convey something true and authentic – Tim Lerch.

Tim Lerch explains how to find your true essence

The teachings that Tim leaves in this podcast of almost an hour and a half are many and varied. Personally, I am stunned when I meet people like him. There are already many and followed episodes that I integrate as if it were a masterclass. In this episode (in English), I would highlight the clarity and simplicity with which Tim Lerch leaves us life-changing lessons such as “I reject the notion that there is a before or after” or “our life is this moment and this moment has no division”.

I don’t think Zen is of any use to you – Tim Lerch.


Tim Lerch – Disrupt Everything podcast

Real life is everything; there is nothing that has to be applied.”


Tim Lerch podcast interview


New episode with a new interview, this time I am in conversation with Tim Lerch, a world-renowned jazz and blues guitarist, educator, Zen teacher and Emmy award-winning composer. The topics we address are very diverse, from the teachings of Zen, calming the mind or finding our true essence, to the intersection between music, wisdom, love and self-control.

It is a talk about what happens when you combine a love of blues, jazz and Zen practice with a life of mastery as an honest, humane and self-disciplined learner.

Sound transcends mechanics” – Tim Lerch.

Index of contents

  1. Life-changing experiences.
  2. First encounter with music as a professional.
  3. Monastic life.
  4. What do blues and jazz mean to Tim Lerch?
  5. Learn to work in tone, taste and telecasters applied to real life.
  6. Pearl Django, milestones and impact as a person and professional.
  7. When and how you meet Zen on the road.
  8. What is the before and after of Zen in Tim’s life?
  9. The intersection between his life as a musician and his life as a Zen teacher.
  10. The greatest learning through Zen teachings.
  11. What online education has taught Tim about mastering a skill like playing the guitar.
  12. Stay productive by combining the personal, professional, and educational-meditating sides.
  13. Mentors who have had a huge impact on Tim’s career.
  14. Findings that have surprised Tim recently.
  15. His most effective tools for personal development.
  16. The essential elements to create a prosperous life.
  17. Quick questions.
  18. Final message.

Podcast show-notes

* Access the summary in Spanish here – thank you, Marita Álvarez.

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