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And yes, The Journey continues, I just arrived in Byron Bay. One of my essential tasks of the day is to prepare a working day of Ultra-productivity for a group of companies that work between Spain, the United Kingdom, and Latin America. Within the main block of the ultra-productivity plan, there is a section for employees called the “find ultra-productivity in 30 days” system. Well, some of those practices of ultra-productivity are what you will find below…

17 easy ultra-productivity practices

There they go:

1. Block off, no matter what, two blocks of 90 minutes a day, to work without rest, or distraction on the most determining responsibilities of the day. We are talking about 40% of an 8-hour workday.

2. Clean your workspace, leaving only the essential elements to work with and those that produce your well-being. Don’t add anything, instead, remove something every day.

3. Don’t work more than 49 hours a week, more work hours don’t make you ultra-productive, but the opposite. Fewer hours better executed lead you to the goal.

4. Turn off your phone during essential work hours. Disconnect your phone during 50% of the day of your work. And in your free time, carry your phone 50% of the time.

5. Forward emails to your smartphone to read while you commute, travel or perform low-impact tasks.

6. Focus your time, only, and on nothing else, then on high-impact assignments. Those that generate a direct result with your business, company, job or lifestyle.

7. Create better meetings by shortening the time to 10 minutes and marking two primary objectives to meet.

8. If you usually sleep during the day, just take 10-minute power naps.


how to find ultra-productivity


9. Choose three moments in the day to check social networks and respond to messages or WhatsApp.

10. Prioritize, your daily rituals go beyond anything.

11. Sleep about 7.5 hours a day.

12. Work in a place with good natural light, little noise, and where you breathe mild and pleasant smells.

13. Argue each problem or find a good solution.

14. Do at least 30 minutes of sports per day.

15. Perform some daily disconnection of at least 10/15 minutes a day.

16. Find one thing that makes you feel terrific and do it every day.

17. Face something uncomfortable from time to time.

Work less, produce more, live better

I know, I’ve been direct, I haven’t gone into much depth in these practices. That’s your job, not mine, here’s a guide, the road is your thing, and how deep you want to get, too.
Interested in more ultra-productivity practices? In applying it to your business, your employees and in yourself? connect@isragarcia.com.