/ Disruption.

Some of the disruptive traits you may consider working on are:

  • The ability of thinking in a very absurd, abstract and random way.
  • Harnessing a profound and focused knowledge.
  • Unmeasurable curiosity.
  • Unnatural willingness to take risks.
  • A grit and grind mindset.
  • Being in the zone most of the day (Flow).
  • Permanent dissatisfaction with the status quo.

We can reach a bigger disruptive, creative and innovative approach, it’s possible by cultivating these disruptive traits carefully. We’re working in Stand OUT Program since 2013 with this goal in mind, educating and training professionals to do so.

If you recognise some of the disruptive traits listed above, you should look for experiences and situations where you can put them into practice. For example, if you think that you have this kind of Flow, and you can make it stronger and take profit of its benefits, you’ll need to turn it into a super habit, so you can work toward a goal just in your best Flow moment. And you’d better be ready for identifying new inspirational paths if the one you are trying it doesn’t work as well as you expected.