/ Disruption.

And go beyond the handbook given to you It is just where disruption (and so, innovation) happens. It seems that the concepts “innovation” and “disruption” only belong to Apple, Amazon, Mashable, Airbnb or Zappos, you’re wrong if you think so. If you play on the map of the landscape that your business traditionally plays, then you’re not seeing (and then losing) the opportunity that lies on the horizon there’s behind what you can understand.

The handbook and the barriers promote what apparently looks permanent: paying with a card is nothing new, it’s already done and belongs to really big players. The horizon shows you the possibilities: Square grants credit cards to anybody with not much complications. The handbook tells you that there’s something solid, and sets a way to get there: you’ll get to a new city and you rent a car or call a taxi. The horizon tells you that they’re a bunch of ways to get there: Uber, Hailo, Lyfts, Eso Taxi and much more.

There’re many ways to shape your business. ¿Can you see the horizon there’s beyond the handbook?