/ Disruption.

Being disruptive pays off in today’s world. It’s not anything weird, but we’ve been indoctrinated to think that only a few can achieve the status of a disruptive person (or organization). It’s a lie.

Disruption will come when you can see the world in a way that the majority can’t. Taking into account perspectives that your team is not capable of imaging. Or having the guts and insights for doing something that your colleagues won’t under any circumstances.

Your own disruption comes during and after experimenting.

Being disruptive or not has nothing to do with being a scientist, engineer, a visionary entrepreneur or living in Silicon Valley. Es more a core ability a the reach of anyone willing to chase it.

Disruption, every day, is being decentralized by individuals and heretics like you and me.

Your own disruption could be a lifestyle, could be your way of work, could be your job, or even how you do business.

It won’t be forward motion without disruption because we’ll have a lack of audacity.

No disruption, no disruptive economy. If you don’t understand this, you won’t survive any longer. Let’s turn it into our asset.

Being disruptive means breathing disruption.