/ Disruption.

There is a great value in disrupting oneself. Modifying oneself. Pushing oneself. Going against oneself beliefs. Questioning oneself. Choosing oneself. There is utility in being uncomfortable, out of place, out of the game. I’m talking about applying disruption to people. Personal disruption.

Wait a moment…

Disruption doesn’t happen while you watching Narcos, Game of Thrones or when you are on Tinder.

It happens when you try something uncertain for the first time.

Personal disruption happens when you launch a ton of bad ideas.

It happens when somebody decides to delight a really small and defined micro segment, and they do it with an offer designed and tailored to the weirdest.

Disruption hates expectations, the fear of failure, hopes, and reaffirmation. But, above all else, your disruption fights against mediocrity. It goes far beyond limitations and the chance of not being able to do more than anybody else. Disruption loves the possibility of doing something that nobody has done before.


personal disruption


This kind of personal disruption surpasses every obstacle, every hype trend and ever social network. This movement you are provoking stares at you daring you to be the best version of yourself.

Personal disruption means leaping to a new platform, it starts in the small but deep gap found in between the comfort zone and the security area.

It occurs when you dance in the edges. Out of a limb. In the situations, you are most vulnerable trying things that are out of your control. Taking on projects, ideas or businesses that might not work.

This breakthrough happens when contradictions collide. When the utopia becomes your reality.

This kind of individual motivation called disruption is so powerful, that makes you grow and learn 10 times faster. Word. Personal disruption (and the word itself) doesn’t necessarily mean technology or innovation. It means breaking patterns and reframe the way we think, act and behave.

Being disruptive is a great tool for standing out.

This personal disruption happens because you allow your curiosity, ego, and boldness to serve you as a super boost. The impact you can create then is bigger when results are shared with more disruptors.

Photo credit: leaning.org.