/ Disruptive education.

Tomorrow is almost around the corner. And doing what you did yesterday will not work. And what you are doing today, it is very likely that it will not be enough either. Why? Because you have much more to contribute than what you added yesterday. And today you have more important work to share, more skills, more capacities, and more art than you did yesterday. You have the power to educate and educate yourself. That’s the real power of education.

You need more effective, ultra-productive and powerful ways to achieve your goals, tell your story, captivate customers, serve your community and impact who needs you.

We are tremendously excited announcing our first Stand OUT Program Day in Bridges for Music Academy, the very first program, for young entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals from Langa, Capetown, Ubhulanti camp members, and Afrika Burners. The program will take place at the BFM Academy next Friday 26th from 7:30 am to 8 pm. A day to teach participants on how to excel yourself, how to push you beyond your current constraints, and truly see what is possible.


the real power of education - Stand OUT Program day


Harness the real power of education

We have taken the very best of the six years that SOP has been transforming more than 1.500 participants, plus all the improvements that we implemented from 2018 to 2019, international teachers and the knowledge of Valentino, to improve even more what will happen on the program. More useful techniques, more practices, more perspectives to win, promote, achieve, develop, grow, learn, interrupt and instigate.

The real power of education and this day relies on helping you to see what is possible and how to achieve it. The connection between people is what creates a lasting change.

There’s more given that is received, and there’s more received than you could imagine. That is the real power of education.

We will take the impact that you can make, we will take it to the limit and multiply it by ten.

The program is an initiative of social impact, totally free of charge. Yes, you can come for free.

If you are ready to carry out your most essential work, we are ready for you.

Does it resonate? Apply here: academy(at)bridgesformusic(dot)org

Artwork: Charly Sanchez.