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The title could be that you should stop doing to make a big difference, but I would never accept orders or guidelines from someone like me. So if you want to make a big difference in what you do, consider these ten essential things. If you avoid them, you’ll be a better ultra-productive person.

How to make a big difference and be more ultra-productive

Avoid each of these points, and you will be closer to doing something important, for yourself.

1. Wasting 5 minutes

Being lazy for five times five minutes each day means 25 minutes a week. That’s 9,125 minutes a year. Sadly, I think you’re wasting more than five minutes.

2. Don’t value a euro

Understanding the value of a euro is recognizing the importance of time. Imagine every time you spend one euro, take it to time.

3. Believe those who are successful

90% is a facade. Don’t even bother. You’re already successful, probably — your success. Until you appreciate what you have, your life better won’t do better.

4. Think you’re not ready for the challenge

I wasn’t prepared to do an Ironman, or Ultraman, or the Titan Desert. And I ended up finishing every test I faced. When – consciously – you adapt to stress, fear, uncertainty, the impossible, something magical happens, you evolve.

5. Pursue happiness

You’ll never reach it; it’s too elusive. Think about the process and worry about depositing all your energy there. The result comes after enjoyment, effort, and intention, not the other way around.


how to make a big difference and be ultra-productive


6. Underrate what you have

If you appreciate what you already have, everything that happens next will be a good extra. If you feel the need to have more to compensate for something that you miss in your life, you will always feel empty. No matter what you get or have.

7. Minimize what you’ve achieved

Whether you want it or not, you are in the perfect position to make a difference. You’ve been born; this probability is already determining. Everything has brought you to this point where you are. The world is your platform, the natural state of people is to shine. All you have to do is step forward.

8. Compete against others

Competing against others leads people to use each day to pursue goals that aren’t theirs. I haven’t seen a more fabulous way to waste resources than that. However, society pushes us to do so. You can invest all you have in keeping up with others, something disheartening. Or you can define the fullness based on your values and detach yourself from external noise.

9. Try to have everything

Everyone needs to choose what matters and what doesn’t. Then, be obsessive about what matters. If in the beginning, we try to be everything, we will end up being nothing. The internal conflict is hell.

10. Forget where you come from

Humility, gratitude, and recognition for the things you enjoy are essential. You can’t make a difference without the help of other people, very often. You are incredibly fortunate to be able to contribute the way you do.

The Journey continues

Being able to learn about those ten facts is a blessing for me.

I’ve been traveling around the world for ten months, next is Israel, on this trip I’ve met some people who know how to excel, people who in their way make a difference and be more ultra-productive, I’ve learned from all of them, just as I’ve learned from people I work with daily remotely. So it’s easier to make a big difference and be more ultra-productive, or at least try.

Photo credit: Elena Ger.