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“I wasn’t happy because I had told myself that I wasn’t creative, and I had believed it” – Jens Cromer.

Jens Remington Cromer is an exciting hybrid. Coach in intimacy and sexuality. Facilitator of spiritual and psychedelic retreats. Professional storyteller, journalist, and writer. Chief Editor at Peachill, a collaborative platform for journalists and writers, open to professionals and enthusiasts.

Jens has years of experience writing and creating summaries, presentations, and scripts on television and in the digital environment and acting as a mediator for other writers. In addition, he is a book editor and specialist in helping to create stories of all kinds. Also, in his spare time, Jens Cromer paints murals.

“Ayahuasca has been the hardest thing in my life, but also the most rewarding” – Jens Cromer.

Jens has been a Hollywood scriptwriter, producer and creative, working at Electus, WME Entertainment and Endeavor Agency. A sector that lets you make an incursion into the world of personal development through a deep trip in the Amazons with Ayahuasca. A journey that takes you to find your best personal and professional version. From there, Jens decides to allow sacred spaces where conventional medicines, mindfulness, and the best food coexist.

“Let’s give people a chance, let’s give ourselves an opportunity, why not?”

Disrupt Everything podcast series #66 – Jens Cromer

“I went on a 10-day retreat to the Amazons where I went through five ceremonies of Ayahuasca medicine, ending with the San Pedro plant. This transformed my life, not only that; I was free to learn to love myself and thank myself for everything I have done up to today “- Jens Cromer.


Jens Cromer - writer, editor, coach, ayahuasca facilitator


I met Jens because we were housemates while I was living in Santa Monica this past summer. Jens is Vanessa Lengies’ partner, who I also interviewed for this podcast. Jens is the most powerfully vulnerable, sensitive, aware and empathetic man I have ever known. His capacity for listening, understanding, and attention, together with human and transparent treatment of the people he treats, make him a unique disruptor.

Suppose besides, besides this, we add an intense experience as an experimenter and facilitator of Ayahuasca and psychedelics and his gifts as a culinary recommender. In that case, we have a valuable mix. So, this episode number 66 is about all this and what happens before, during and after performing five ceremonies of Ayahuasca and one of San Pedro.
This has been one of the most intimate and powerful conversations I have had in a long time. But, to date, the most extensive interview had to be. If you listen to the podcast, you will know why.

“What is success? The amount of love there is in your life” – Jens Cromer.

Listen to the podcast/interview with Jens here:


Index of contents

  • The relationship between intimacy, self-esteem, Ayahuasca, sex, passion, and food.
  • In-depth about Ayahuasca: what, how, why, where…
  • Sexuality and masculine vulnerability.
  • Intimacy, relationships, and love.
  • Dissection of the 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies followed.
  • Experience with San Pedro and how it differentiates from Ayahuasca.
  • The most important learnings
  • Consciousness and how to pay more attention.
  • To love food and culinary speciality.
  • A personalized guide with recommended restaurants: in California and around the world.
  • Personal: fears, demons, recommendations, routines, Burning Man, hacks.

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