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I started and finished a new experiment. One closely linked with continuing to push high-performance for people like you and me. On this occasion, it was a test focused on the mental dimension. That’s right, a 48-day trial period using nootropics and cognitive enhancers. so this is experiment designed to maximize the performance of the mind as much as possible. It is a process called Neurohacking, a colloquial term to influence or interfere with the structure and function of neurons, for their improvement or repair in a self-taught way.


nootropics and cognitive enhancers


Objectives of the experiment

This is precisely what I sought to test, explore and analyze with the Neurohacking experiment:

  • Greater ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Get more energy and brain activity.
  • Reach a higher level of mental clarity.
  • Go further in the areas of creativity and imagination.
  • Accelerate the process and resolution of decision making.
  • Increase the capacity of action and reaction.
  • Achieve a state of “flow” more frequent and sustained over time.
  • Discover new hacks for high productivity.
  • Improvement of physical performance.
  • Check if all this induces new and better moods.

To measure and follow these parameters, I have created a scorecard and a series of indicators and questions that I completed each time in addition to putting it to the test with respective “challenges.”

The goal of the Neurohacking experiment – how to carry it out

I’ve been documenting and reporting for more than a year about this way “do it yourself” to improve your brain function, called Neurohacking. To carry out this experiment, I needed, in addition to the super-habits I already practice, such as intermittent fasting, a macrobiotic and alkaline diet, optimal rest and physical, emotional and spiritual stimulation, a new element, the nootropics. Also known as cognitive enhancers.

During all this time I have been researching and looking for the safest, most potent, reliable and natural nootropics on the market. I have read a variety of reports, lists, guides, interviews, talks, reviews, and recommendations, for and against. From Healthyline, Mindlabpro, Tim Ferriss, Dr. Rhonda Patrick (see “resources” section), Valter Longo, Queal, Ted Talks (Dave Asprey), London Real, Joe Rogan and Dr. Bruce Lipton among many other sources.

The nootropics I used

From everything I have found, I have chosen these five cognitive nootropics/enhancers:

Note: most of these products end up in customs at the recipient countries. I tried to buy some three times, and all three were returned as you need an exclusive license for this type of products. Maybe in other countries, it works differently.

I used these five nootropics, not at the same time, but intermittently, for 48 days. While I did it, I analyzed all kinds of inputs and outputs to extracted lessons, discoveries and conclusions finally. This, in essence, was the Neurohacking experiment.

Last September I began an experiment that aimed to verify the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers. Besides, I wanted to test, as in the LSD microdose experiment, the effect that these “supplements” would have in the short, medium and long term. And yes, in my tireless search to find new limits, I could extract new inputs that would help to continue optimizing my (high) spiritual, emotional and physical performance. The tool this time: nootropics and cognitive enhancers.

Nootropics and cognitive enhancers I have used, finally

For the experiment I used the following “smart drugs”:

  • Alpha Brain by Onnit.
  • Think Smart from Whole Foods.
  • Qualia Mind (step 1 and 2) by Neurohacker Collective.
  • Unfair Advantage by Bulletproof.
  • XCT Oil by Bulletproof.
  • Brain Octane by Bulletproof.

In block one, you can see the quantities and the effects of each nootropic.

How I carried out the nootropic and cognitive enhancer experiment

On this occasion, I have divided the experiment into three blocks.


nootropics and cognitive enhancers - Neurohacking experiment


1. Scorecard

The first block corresponds to a scorecard where I analyzed the following parameters:

  1. Date.
  2. Day.
  3. Type of the nootropic.
  4. Quantity / consumption
  5. Time of the “shot.”
  6. Reflexes.
  7. Sensations
  8. Energy.
  9. Focus.
  10. Memory.
  11. Physical impact
  12. Mental impact
  13. Emotional impact
  14. Spiritual impact
  15. Conclusion.
  16. Observations.
  17. Extra notes

In this link again, you can find the complete control panel of the 48 days of Neurohacking. It is the monitoring of the effects of cognitive nootropics and enhancers.

2. Daily descriptive analysis

The second block corresponds to a more detailed regular follow-up. In this follow-up my objective was to describe how I reacted to the following evaluated factors:

  • Impressions and daily sensations.
  • Greater ability to focus and concentration (yes/no – notes).
  • You are obtaining energy and extra brain activity (high, low, a lot or little).
  • Daily level of mental clarity (yes / no, better / worse, high / low)
  • Improvement of creativity (yes/no – and notes).
  • Accelerate the process of decision making and conflict resolution (yes/no – and notes).
  • Capacity of action-daily reaction (yes / no, high / low – and notes).
  • Daily State Flow: (yes/no – and observations).
  • The emergence of ultra-productivity hacks (yes/no – and which).
  • Improvement of physical performance (yes/no – and effects).
  • Changes in moods (yes/no – and discoveries).
  • Daily conclusion.
  • Extra details.

3. Extensive analysis: 48 days on video

The third block has to do with a more extensive review that I was doing through a daily video follow-up. It is a more exhaustive step by step of the 48 days of nootropics and cognitive enhancers.



4. Conclusions

These are the most relevant conclusions at the end of the nootropic and cognitive enhancer experiment:

  • I have found that the combination of Unfair Advantage (one ampoule) and a cap of XCT Oil before going to sleep, help with profound and restful sleep.
  • I had to take 3/4 capsules of Alpha Brain to feel a minimum effect. Also, I consider it an ineffective nootropic.
  • Qualia Mind is the nootropic that has worked best of all; focus, prolonged flow state, mental clarity, reaction capacity, mental energy, and push. These are some of the qualities that I could highlight.
  • The first few days I tried a complete mixture of nootropics and cognitive enhancers. I tried them all at once and experienced the feeling of opening the computer to work and not being able to close it. There were days that I spent more than 24 hours “plugged in.”
  • There were days that I had to make a great effort to “disconnect,” not in the sense of having an uncontrolled mind. If not in the sense of being so focused that I didn’t care about anything else.
  • In this experiment, most of the time with nootropics and cognitive enhancers it has been like a controlled explosion of energy. In the worst case, it has been too focused, so much that you lose track of time, appetite and leisure.
  • These smart drugs do not make you nervous. There have been days, which I have been able to cut off in the middle of the day, go to the beach and meditate or relax with total normality. Moreover, I would say that I have been able to find more peace of mind, which I find somewhat surprising and very positive.
  • As can be observed day after day, nootropics and cognitive enhancers have not been helpful to be more ultra-productive. These smart drugs have also not been an improvement in my physical performance. They have not served as an effective complement that will make a difference in the most creative areas. However, LSD microdoses did have a very positive influence on this last area.
  • These “smart” supplements have served not to have that drop in mental activity during the hangover. You can see this in the scorecard that appears in this report.
  • Two weeks after its use I have not found any adverse effects of using it during the 48 days that the experiment lasted. I have done a complete blood test, and everything is as it was before, at full capacity.
  • The nootropics and cognitive enhancers are the best I have tried to cause and prolong the Flow State.
  • I have been able to have more profound, calm and contemplative meditative moments than before the experiment. I still do today.
  • What can be highlighted about the nootropics and cognitive enhancers that I have been using is: the increase in the ability to focus, a state of flow that is more consistent and prolonged, overwhelming mental energy. A great facility to connect with work and with oneself, a great difficulty to stop pushing forward. A more agitated state of alert. A brain activity that does not translate into nervousness, hypertension or frenzy, but something like a controlled euphoria.

Now that the experiment is over, MindLab Pro has just arrived in my hands and denominated, scientifically proven, the most complete and structured nootropic that exists. I will try it, and later I will explain the sensations and share the results.

To finish: Can I help?

Questions? Requests? Anything I can contribute to after examining this report about the experiment I did with nootropics and cognitive enhancers?

Photo credit: BestNootropicsNow – Supplement Critique.