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This experience, Buddhism, is no longer an understanding of the mind, but an understanding with the heart – Shi Miao Hai.

The last visit to the Shaolin Europe Temple was incredibly beneficial. On the one hand, I interviewed our Shaolin master, Shi Heng Yi, about key lessons in self-discipline, self-control, Shaolin virtues and teachings, love, surrender, acceptance, and living large. On the other hand, I made a video documentary in the first person of each day and finally, I wrote a report with the most relevant program that I attended. However, that was not all; there is something else. The interview I conducted with an extraordinary person, Shi Miao Hai, a novice, ordered as a Buddhist and Shaolin Monk, a 24-year-old young man with tremendous potential.

What is it within us that creates suffering in this world and does not lead us to a happy life?

I wasn’t counting on taking this interview to a podcast. I thought it would be content for the video channel, but I changed my mind very quickly, especially after such a display of wisdom, mastery, coherence and truth that Shi Miao Hai gave us as a gift.

Who is Shi Miao Hai

Shi Miao Hai has been the person who has been coordinating many parts of the two programs in which I have participated in the Shaolin Temple Europe. Responsible for guiding the morning meditation sessions, the one in charge of sounding the gong at the end of the day ceremonies and making the offerings and prayers at meals. He is also the reference person in terms of information and details during the programs. In addition, he often leads the physical “warm-up” training and takes responsibility for some “conditioning” sessions, and then goes to work are Shifu, Shi Heng Yi. It is proof that he is an essential person in the monastery.

No matter how far you go, even if you are a teacher, you will continue to learn every day – Shi Miao Hai.

Well, in this interview, you will discover a part of the enormous training that Shi Miao Hai has been doing in Buddhism and Shaolin Arts and how that has transformed his life and impacts him on others. Furthermore, you will know his vision of alleviating suffering, martial arts, connecting with your original essence, known as Buddha Nature, and walking the path to inner happiness and self-mastery.

Happiness based on external circumstances that we want to maintain and want to defend will always lead to our unhappiness.”

Shi Miao Hai on true potential – Disrupt Everything podcast

If you do not actively work on yourself and live the way that is in your mind, all these words, all these teachings will be of no use to you.


interview with Shi Miao Hai on the art of Buddha-nature


In this new episode (in English), I interview Shi Miao Hai, a Shaolin Buddhist monk and novice at Shaolin Temple Europe. A dialogue led by Shi Miao Hai on cultivating, clarifying, and soothe the mind, beginning and deepening meditation. It’s also about Buddhist teachings, learn to live, what it means to be a Shaolin monk, and connect with unity and eliminate separation. We also explore how to find your originality, practising self-compassion, uncovering our Buddha nature, and what he has learned working, living, and training at the Shaolin Europe Temple.

I hope you enjoy this interview, this rich and enlightening interview, as much as I did.

Buddha reminds us of our potential to become enlightened.”

It might seem like the volume is low, but no, that’s the calm, collected, and collected guest’s tone on this new podcast.

Index of contents

All knowledge can lead us to another perspective.”

  1. The highlights of his short life.
  2. Buddhism.
  3. Existential questions.
  4. The actual inner happiness.
  5. Stay in the inner centre.
  6. Key steps and methods to align with Buddha-nature.
  7. Teachers and guides and their great lessons.
  8. Find your truth.
  9. How to cultivate a clear mind.
  10. On meditation and how to get started.
  11. Essential learning about being a novice and living in the monastery.

If you love something, there is nothing more beautiful than sharing it.”

Podcast Notes and Resources

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