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I’m not the person who discovered LSD — neither an expert nor a professional that can give a master class on the subject. However, I can tell you from experience, learnings, and knowledge acquired microdosing with LSD experiment for 40 days. You can also check Michael Pollan experience.

This is what, months later, I have learned and concluded, not only from the microdosing LSD experiment (here is the full documentary) but contrasting the results with studies, sources and some experts like Martijn Schirp co-founder of the group High Existence and Synthesis Retreats.

What you should know about microdosing with LSD


Microdosing LSD what you need to know
  • If you take the right microdose, you will not find yourself in altered states of consciousness or hallucinating at any time.
  • According to experts and my experience, the appropriate microdose is between 5% and 10% of a drop dissolved in water or on a small piece of card.
  • The placebo effect can play a trick on you; just the thought of knowing that you are taking LSD can generate a stimulation reaction in your brain and senses. Review the effects thoroughly by monitoring, analyzing, and following exhaustively fundamental indicators.
  • Some key indicators that I have followed are attention span, tasks, activities, and people. The number of colours and sounds that I can distinguish. The appreciation of taste, touch, and feelings I experience daily in typical situations where I did not feel them with equal intensity. My relationship with the people I interact daily with. The quality of the daily work that I produce. The moments of “flow” that occur throughout the day and the length of them.
  • The consumption of microdoses LSD can be done daily. But I’m not sure if you should do so for more than 40 days. However, it can also be done every two days, once every three. Resting twice a week, once a week, and sleeping three days a week. On hard or more active days. These are the cases that I’ve found out about from people that have experienced this that I’ve spoken to.
  • There are many differences between taking it daily, now and then when fasting, in the morning, or after eating, especially at lunchtime. When fasting, you can differentiate the effects so much more besides being more productive. At night it serves to have much more vivid dreams, although it’s harder to fall asleep.
  • LSD can be seen as a powerful nootropic; used correctly, it is a significant cognitive enhancer. Right now, I’m with a new experiment, neurohacking. In which I am using other nootropics as a way to improve the performance, health, and function of my brain. I can anticipate that the sensations and results are different; microdoses of LSD are more sensitive, while cognitive enhancers are more “mental.”

Microdosing LSD what you need to knowAfter microdosing with LSD for 40 days

The most exciting thing about this experiment is that its effects last up until the microdose is finished. In my case, it’s been two months since I finished, and my state of perception, focus, and flow has increased and improved in quantity and quality. It is, for me, the best part of the whole experiment.

It is not an experiment that I would recommend to everyone. What’s more, I would not recommend this type of experiment to anyone. I am nobody to do it, nor an expert, scientist, psychologist or anything like that. This is my experiment, which I have contrasted with at least 20 people, 15 of them very experienced, and 5 professionals in the sector.

Do you have any questions regarding microdosing with LSD that I can answer? Ask your question in the comments, and I will respond.

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